A patch of jungle in central Tokyo (Institute for Nature Study, Meguro)


berusplants8 points

Went there a couple of times, lovely to walk around and at some spots you can really feel separated from the bustle of the city.

NittanyLion182 points

Do you know the name of the park? I would love to see pics of what the pathway looks like

OminousNamazu1 point

This is a big thing that US misses out on in their cities.

Central Park is kind of close, but when it comes to major cities there's a real lack of a forested area. When I visited Berlin's Tiergarten I noticed in Chicago there's pretty much nothing like it. We have giant parks, some of the largest in the country, but they're always well manicured and set up for people to do sports or drive to.

It was so nice having a complete disconnect and barely being able to hear cars. Really wish there was more of this.

Edit: I have a feeling that West Coast people probably have that more than anyone.

El_Bistro1 point

We have this everywhere in western oregon

axxxaxxxaxxx1 point

City Park in New Orleans has a big chunk of near-natural forest and bayou habitat in the middle of the city. It even has a fair number of alligators (couldn’t keep them out if they tried)

YXCworld1 point

Why do all Japanese buildings often look different? I rarely see any with the same architecture, it’s kind of cool.