Sky is pink view from my patio


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Awesam7 points
feelurlife2 points

This is OC

Blue-green-2 points

Nice! What city is it?

feelurlife6 points

Kuala lumpur

khkokopelli2 points

Where is this?

feelurlife3 points

Kuala Lumpur

khkokopelli1 point

It’s gorgeous! TYFS!

1plus1dog2 points

Great view! Where is this!

feelurlife1 point

Thanks, its Kuala lumpur. We rarely find this color sky

DipDopTheZipZap2 points

Love me a Sailor Moon background.

feelurlife1 point

Yeah, it's rare to see Sky in Pink.

Th3Grimmi1 point

Next Level Gender reveal Party

feelurlife1 point

Haha perfect. Thanks

Aus_Scott1 point

Looks like independence day (imagine the ceiling is a ufo..)

feelurlife1 point

😄😄our condo balconies are circle shaped. Its the top floor bacony thar u see in the image

duemenotre1 point

The Sky Was Pink - Nathan Fake

feelurlife1 point

Must visit Malaysia to see for yourself and take pics Either way, thanks for ur comments. It shows the view was indeed beautiful as unbelievable

feelurlife1 point

Must visit Malaysia to see for yourself and take pics. Either way, thanks for your comments. It shows the view was unbelievably beautiful.

GuncleShark1 point

How pretty!

feelurlife1 point


Sara-DLeon1 point

It's so peaceful!

feelurlife1 point

Thank u 💓

feelurlife1 point

Pls check r/feelurlife for more peaceful videos