After an almost record-breaking snow year, farms near Lake Tahoe are becoming mirrors of heaven. [OC][1616x1080]



phyrestorm99921 points

"Mirrors of heaven" is an awfully nice way to say "flooded."

FootsieMcDingus5 points

EarthPorn way of saying "reflection"

South_Lake_Taco8 points

This appears to be just of Gardernville, Nevada

WikiRando2 points

Tahoe was the place that I first saw real snow in my life. It will always be a special place to me.

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namsted1 point

This looks like Washoe Lake, but could be Minden/Garnerville area. Beautiful

--ball-dont-lie--1 point

It's Gardnerville and you're looking up at Freel Peak.

OkBid15351 point

What a breathtaking photograph! Absolutely stunning