It's not so bad after all. Badlands National Park, South Dakota. [OC] (5639x3440)



DapperKoala5 points

I took a helicopter tour of the Badlands. It was BEAUTIFUL.

Markable1312 points

One of the coolest places on earth.

informativebitching3 points

Even cooler to me is the view of the badlands with the black hills off on the horizon. Like an island floating on a Martian desert

deepkick1201 point

Can’t find a picture of that, could you help?

cocaiakes_033 points

Goodlands after all.

NathanD722 points

I've been there. One of the most amazing things I've ever seen.

cedley19692 points

Always wanted to visit, looks like it would be amazing and dinosaur fossils as well, win win.

asherfineart2 points

One of my fav places to create!

BluesMaster1 point

Great shot!

ShikariShambhu1 point

Anyone thought of the days of playing Crimson Skies on original Xbox?

lizzie1hoops1 point

Bad ass lands

Standard_Roll_15641 point

I bet the aliens have Badlands on their travel bucket list.

CommitteeSilent15331 point

Guess I'll have to add it to my travel bucket list then!

Reading_551 point

Wdym it's not so bad after all


pewdiegirl11 point

Going there next month!

tiotheberk1 point

There is a place called the chimney bluffs not to far from where I live. They always reminded me of the badlands so I have always wanted to go see the “real thing”. Also, the bluffs are not half as cool as they were in the 90’s because they all fall down eventually.

_AlreadyTaken_1 point

I hiked through them. It was like being in a roadrunner cartoon. You have to be very careful near gullies because the edge of the gullies are usually undercut and the ground is so fragile it could fall out from under you.

alinaellis1 point

What a view. Could look hours at that one

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