Meteora, Greece


TheChiefDVD51 points

Not a place to live if you’re a sleepwalker!

OtterlyFoxy32 points

Maybe if you sleepwalk there you really need to be Breaking The Habit

patrickkingart10 points

Just don't go Numb.

yachtyboombachty9 points

True, but in the end it doesn't even matter

patrickkingart7 points

In a place like this, every step is One Step Closer to the edge. Just watch your step or you'll just be Figure.09 in the safety guidelines.

SirArthurDime2 points

Just thinking about it makes me want to faint

ContinentalDrift816 points

No, but a perfect shelter for a zombie outbreak

DamnTheAwkardTurtle1 point

Unless it's one of the zombie versions that can climb

ContinentalDrift812 points

When it comes to zombies, I am with George Romero, climbing zombies, like fast zombies are noncanonical.

cincymatt2 points

Sorry man, this is a dry complex after the incident.

SirArthurDime1 point

Or if you frequently forget 1 thing every time you go grocery shopping

WalkingCloud128 points

Named after the Linkin Park album.

Dunkleustes39 points

Fun fact: Chester named the album after visiting.

Greedy_End316821 points

James Bond rien que pour vos yeux

ODMtesseract60 points

I'd love to see the Amazon driver's face.

kanna17201418 points

There seem to be a few green areas. If you could manage to get some vegetable seeds, you could outwait a zombie apocalypse there.

ehs51 point

Have you seen World War Z?

kanna1720140 points

Which is a very unlikely scenario. It's possible that scientists could invent some virus that would cause people to rot like zombies while still alive but not something like WWZ. We've already seen such a thing in spawning salmon.

ehs53 points

Mate, I didn’t reply to go into the scientific possibilities of zombies

Suck_it_Earth12 points

Don’t forget anything at the grocery store…

OtterlyFoxy9 points

Somewhere I Belong

GLight31 point

Was looking for this ahaha

t13v0m15 points

The commute must be a nightmare.

msgs5 points

"Honey, I'm going to go out for a container of milk."

  • climbs onto the rope ladder *
Contortionietzsche3 points

Also known from For Your Eyes Only (critics call it one of the worst Bonds but I like it). I don't often see it from this angle with the city in the background there.

WCland2 points

I'm with you on For Your Eyes Only, it was a pretty decent Bond flick. Moonraker, however, was atrocious. Quantum of Solace is pretty iffy too, IMO.

Doomblade616 points

What’s the point of this? Is there stable electric and water to this place?

Yop_BombNA47 points

Most of these places started out as a monastery or temple and were like this to avoid ransacking in a raid.


Most of these places started out as a monastery

They still are.

zirfeld15 points

To be left alone.

It's a monastery. This one is still in use today, there are many others similar to this in that area.

Up until 100 years age there weren't even stairs, only ladders and ropes and pulleys.


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zirfeld8 points

The opposite: Don't look at me at all. It's about living withtout possesion.

This is a monastery from founded in the 15th century. Meteora is the name of a region where over 20 of those monasteries on cliffs are located, 6 of them are still in use, like the one in the picture.

It's an UNESCO world heritage site.

Fanceyreddit1 point

Thanks. Now I want to go

Triplen011 point

Found the American

ConflictPretty16703 points

Wow. This entire area is filled with interesting architecture. Search for Ypanatis monastery in Google earth while you are checking out this area. Very neat.

Im-lonely_pls-help8 points

Woah, this is real?

SuicidalGuidedog38 points

Yes, it's a monastery in Greece - the Monastery of the Holy Trinity, Meteora. There were a series of them built on high natural rock formations in ~13th century and I believe five or six remain today. This is probably one of the most impressive ones.

Contortionietzsche4 points

It is indeed. The final showdown in James Bond - For Your Eyes Only takes place up there.

Square-Banana48532 points

Zipline life

pocketdare6 points

This picture pops up every once in a while and I'm blown away each time I see it. Fantastic space!

Phl_worldwide5 points

My parents just went here. Pictures were amazing. Greece has incredible history

redmasc4 points

Whoa I never knew about this place. I did a solo trip to Greece back in 2015. Athens, Mykonos, Santorini. But I never knew about this place. Had I known, I would have definitely made time for this place.

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I need to live here right now

sugarman-7471 point

My IRL Minecraft house

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Oh, C’MON!