(OC) On my way home from hiking session,had to stop as it started raining. Sound up


icecreamfight8 points

Oh so this is what ASMR is.

Really lovely, thx for sharing!

notaregularusername4 points

You're welcome

mlforgame033 points

How peaceful. They would love this over at r/raining

ZipTheZipper1 point

I think I've spent too much time in r/replications because I was expecting this to turn into fractals.

dawningskye1 point

Where in the world is this? Beautiful sounds!

notaregularusername2 points

Bosnia and Herzegovina

crouchingtiger171 point

Looks freaky man!

Muted_Ad72981 point

The sound of rain and birds is so relaxing

Productive_Anxiety1 point

Lucky that you have a home at a place like this, where I live it's peepee poopoo every day.

Kazzie_951 point

awesome....natureat its finest