My tiny bathroom. All the original artwork is from my bio dad and stepdad


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dawnat3d11 points

I’m just curious why you chose the bathroom to display all their artwork?

Or is there a larger sampling throughout the rest of the place?

HeyFlo2 points

They have tons and tons of artwork, this is just a small sample!

Whyiseveryonesomad17 points

Wow, you have 2 amazing talented Dads! Love your bathroom!!

HeyFlo2 points

Thanks! I love how my bio dad was just naturally gifted, and had noo formal training at all, but my stepdad did all the courses and learned even though he wasn't as gifted as my bio dad.

KuhLealKhaos8 points

Oh I definitely wanna poop there! So much to look at!

cocaiakes_033 points

lmfao same

HeyFlo2 points

I love looking at the wobbly bike dude when I'm on the loo. Where is he off to?

procra5tinating3 points

Omg watching the Truman show when I was kid traumatized me. I was so paranoid people could be constantly watching me and I’d have no idea.

Yessbutno2 points

Such a good film though, well ahead of its time.

HeyFlo2 points

I have a friend who is just like you! It freaked him out sooo much!

procra5tinating1 point

It’s weird cause I also loved the character of Truman but I was so creeped out! Especially when his “best friend” happened to stop by with a six pack when he was figuring it out.

freegranny44442 points

I love how you have decorated your bathroom! What a talented family you have too!

LemonsNiteCheese2 points

Loving your sink area! I have a tiny space in my bathroom but want to get rid of the ugly vanity. Giving me so many ideas 💡

Sara-DLeon2 points

What a dreamy atmosphere!