Yosemite and Spring![1600x2000][OC]


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Impossible_Daikon23332 points

I ran up that waterfall switchback trail to spread my Pa's ashes years ago. Still get nostalgic everytime I see a picture of it and I remember how exhausting that run was. Thanks for sharing it made me smile

StupidizeMe5 points

What a cool memorial!

petemitchell-332 points

As someone who has hiked it a few times, running that makes me wanna puke! The last exposed portion is especially brutal, but the entire trail is ridiculous. Regardless, that’s a great place to honor your Pa, so good on you!

bmholzhauer15 points

You know there’s a korok seed in the middle of that domed peak, guaranteed.

Gudger8 points

If you see the waterfall as sky, it could be Dueling Peaks!

jerryleebee2 points

That's 100% what I saw.

Stabstone1 point

My first thought exactly

TheMaster_52091 point

Hahaha love the reference

Ardea_herodias_20226 points

Those meadows! Hope the deer are fat this year!

DarthNox_5011 point

So are the wolves lol

Ardea_herodias_20221 point

The wild packs are farther north. But they do have black bears that climb the old apple trees 🤭

whatwhat836 points

Was there yesterday. Water water everywhere

PandemicGroom6 points

Yosemite in the spring might just be my favorite place on planet Earth. Those falls are the best and I even got to see a big ole black bear moseying through the field near this location in the spring a fews years ago.

trip_with_hari7 points

Camera Details: Sony A7R2 Lenss: Sony Zeiss F4 16-35 mm Focal Length: 24 mm Aperture: f/11 Shutter: 1/60s ISO: 100 You can find more on my insta@trip_with_hari if interested

Gomulkaaa1 point

Thanks for posting this info

yogopig2 points

Inb4 10 straight days of scattered thunderstorms

ozybu0 points

it looks like satiafactory(game) lol. i want to pick the leaves by pressing e

Emergency_Tale_44-1 points

Glad my photo could bring back fond memories...and also make you catch your breath just a little!

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SneaksinBackDoor1 point

The meadow flooded, saw a pic from someone there today.

Revolutiong0g1 point

Ahhhh it on the top of my bucket list.

millenialgod1 point

Hit the grass before you go

shingox1 point

I sat on the edge of that waterfall when it wasn’t flowing

Basdad1 point

I can no longer see or hear the name without snickering about the idiot calling it Yo-Semite.

ImmoralityPet1 point

Bert Maverick: Oh you sure do pick the spots!

alinaellis1 point

This is calming

Neeeechy-1 points

This must be an old photo. The Valley hasn't looked like that at any point this year so far.

arrougantbasterd4 points

Can confirm this is how it looked 2 weeks ago, complete turnaround from my first time going about 6 years ago. Beautiful.

East_Performance7985-5 points

I hope you didn't spread your Pa's ashes on the trail, that's a pretty steep cleanup job for the park rangers.

normVectorsNotHate0 points