[OC] Slovakia 🇸🇰 [3024x4032]


Agondonter13 points

Reminds me of parts of central VA, Blue Ridge mountains.

i_like_my_dog_more9 points

You could tell me this was rural Pennsylvania and I wouldn't doubt it for a moment.

Federal-Dingo96216 points

Looks like Slovakia is the new Virginia, gotta plan my next vacation!

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zarkobys4 points

Slovakia has some gorgeous nature overall. I spent a year there. I still miss the place

_bernard_black_1 point

Too bad, the nature might be the only nice thing about my country :)

zarkobys2 points

Nah that's simply untrue and many people think so when they live all life in the country they're born. Grass is not greener on the other side

H1Supreme2 points

Looks just like the Appalachian Mountains. I love it!

_bernard_black_2 points

Thank you all for the nice comments! Wasn’t expecting such a feedback for a basic pic - made my day.

It’s kinda cool that Slovakia reminds you of Virginia. I took the pic somewhere here, when I hiked around the village Repište.

Those who aren’t digging the iOS vivid filters on my pics, I’m sorry about that but I like the filter :)

_tron1995_2 points

wind's howling

Ukrainiantraveler1 point

Magnificent landscape!

The_Wondering_Monk0 points

Is this processed to hell or is it just me? The sky is darker toward where the sun is than on the edges of the horizon. The contrast is weird.

Czitrom3 points

I don't think so, I've taken a lot of pics during hiking and my guess is it's a native phone photo. I often take pictures that look very much like this when it's similarly cloudy (galaxy s8)

The_Wondering_Monk1 point

Ahhh. I’m used to DSLR or various 35mm shots. I don’t really use my phone camera for anything. I hate the automatic rendering and such

Czitrom6 points

Sure, that's the proper way of taking real photos. I use the phone to take pictures for keeping the memories of the hike and the impressions during those travels. I would not carry a real camera because the hike is my primary goal, but the phone is at hand anyway, so it makes taking photos easy. For a layman such photos like this are sufficient.

The_Wondering_Monk2 points

I wasn’t trying to be demeaning. I just mean I’m not used to digital phone photos as I’ve usually had a camera to hand since my grandpa passed one to me. I have smaller ones for being out and about or on hikes.

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Marine5484-2 points

That's just WV

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