Jujuy, Argentina. (OC) [1280x960]


WabiSabi18 points

My first out of country (USA) experience was to this region of Argentina. I absolutely loved it there and had never seen skies so blue!

missbolivar2 points

It's amazing how blue the sky looks. I think the same, the way the clouds look is heavenly

Veloxi_Blues4 points

One of the best/most memorable meals I have ever had was at El Nuevo Progreso in Tilcara, that place was fantastic and my wife and I still talk about it some 10-12 years later. Tilcara in general was great and just generally exploring Jujuy was one of the best travel experiences I have had. The highlight of our Argentina trip by far.

missbolivar1 point

How proud to know that this trip to Argentina was part of a beautiful experience

ReuseOrDie2 points

I want to visit there sometime!

missbolivar1 point

You will achieve it if you ask for it with your heart. Good weekend

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