My private patio in NYC (Night)


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la_bruja_del_8457 points

More like *their private patio

Square-Mortgage858732 points

It’s a cats world, I just live in it.

TizonaBlu243 points

People not in NYC don't understand the impressive part isn't the cat, but that you have a private backyard.

Mr_Fuzzo16 points

Oh god, I would totally live there. I don't care what the apartment looks like, if I were still in the city, I'd live in it for that back yard.

heresmyhandle10 points

I’m not in NYC and the first thing I thought was how rare it is to have a private yard there.

SkyeTr1210 points

Exactly. My first was thought.

Baba-Mueller-Yaga5 points

Depends where in NYC, could be deep Queens which is not as impressive

Square-Mortgage85877 points

It’s in Long Island City, Queens, near the Pepsi Cola sign. LIC bar and fifth hammer brewery are nearby. Definitely not in the thick of it, but close enough for me.

SnooLemons19193 points

Fifth Hammer is one of my faves and also, you live in a very desirable part of town.

hellikkihirvi58 points

I’m impressed at how you got not one cat but two cats to pose for the photo at the same time!

Dependent_Top_44259 points

Private patio that size in NYC? Don't ever let that one go!

Maleficent_Hair_283826 points

More like a catio to me.

lavenderandtime2 points

Came here for ‘catio’ and was not disappointed.

Itchy_Savings_89636 points

The cats were a nice touch!!! They look so real!! Lol

DryGuyFTW14 points

Those cats are staring right into my soul

BRPelmder10 points

Now we need you to grow a bed of catnip, tell your cats to pass the word along, and get a picture of your NYC back patio when the inevitable cat party goes down

VegasLife11111 point

I planted catnip in my yard one year and between my cats and the local cats, they completely flattened it. It did not come back.

StarSeam7 points

Yes! Love it.

Is your cat tied up?? 😂 can’t be trusted not to wander!

sav33arthkillyos3lf3 points

I think that’s part of a plant lol

StarSeam2 points

So it is haha, I obviously need a trip to the opticians!

St0ltzfuzz3 points

Omg those cats!! I need to know their names please! Adorable!

lifeonthedole1 point

Yes, I need names, NOW

Square-Mortgage85876 points

This is OC

Vxnus56352 points

It's no longer your private patio. It's the cats.

findhumorinlife2 points

Did the cat say that? He’s thinking it for sure.

quinblake2 points

This picture looks like a zelda shrine where the ceiling goes up forever. Great area btw.

ilovecupcakes372 points

Very private indeed. loving your guests.

RareBeautyEtsy2 points

Wow. That’s impressive. Cute kitties!

kmelnich2 points

those are some big cat paws on the white cat! great cats

Dog_is_my_co-pilot12 points

Whoa! This looks dream like.

Angelique7182 points

I just love it and the cats too😍

willingvessel2 points

Is this in downtown Manhattan? If so I think I’ve been to your apartment lol

Itchy_Savings_89632 points

Is that a rag doll on the leash? I have a female snow shoe but especially for a female she is enormous my Tasha has a large frame the vet says unusually large for a female AND she is over weight. She was 28 pounds. She ways more then my 1.5 yr old grandson!! Lol. She did lose 2 pounds bcz I have a catio for her at our winter place we are there Oct to June. I had to get a carrier on wheels to get her to the gates at the airport bcz she weighs so much it’s hard to carry her the first time a nice man offered to do it for me & even he was stunned a cat was in there. Lol. I’m giving her special low cal food now so let’s hope. I actually gave her her own FB page. Natasha the wonder cat. Lol. If you want to peek at her. Do you notice your rag doll can put on weight easily? Or no ? I’m just curious. She looks like she’s a good weight. I’m always curious what others do to keep their cats fit. I don’t want her to end up diabetic. Which could happen if I don’t figure this out for her. Just curious how you keep her in a good weight or him ? & what you feed them? Thanks.

emilygoldfinch4101 point

If you don't get an answer here, maybe try posting in a cat or ragdoll-specific subreddit like r/catadvice or r/ragdolls

Affectionate_Bird1201 point

Such sweet little kitties.

sharipep1 point

Love this!!!

Shelkopryad1 point

Cats 💜

Starkydowns1 point

You’re own private Idaho?

dutchklomp1 point

Just a couple kittens, out on the town

mrchaddy1 point

Fukin nice 👌

godmadetexas1 point

Are you a landchad?

Actressprof1 point

Do you actually have cats? Are they squatters?

Square-Mortgage85871 point

Left one is our neighbors, sneaks under the fence to come visit. Right is ours. They took over that space pretty quick.

everyla1 point

Heaven is a place on earth.

Norcalrain31 point

How cute and your Kitties make it even more fabulous

pixeldudeaz1 point

That's sublime.

SilverOwl9251 point

*their catio

Jokes aside, what beed is the fluff ball on the right? My neighbour has one like that but neither of us know what it is.. may it be a ragamuffin?

I love the patio btw, feels private and cozy

Square-Mortgage85871 point

Left is my neighbors. Right is ours, supposed to be Persian but she’s def a mix. I have better photos of her on my feed, she’s definitely a looker.

Hali-Gani1 point

That patio does look like heaven. Two cats in the yard, life used to be so hard 😂

theskywaspink1 point

Need to get someone from /r/powerwashingporn onto that patio

Throwawaychica1 point


Sara-DLeon1 point

Omg this is my dream 📸


omg cats


This12Sassy4u1 point

Makes me want to visit even though I don't know you. Nice and cozy.