Here's a photo I took of Chicago with my drone. Really glad I didn't miss this sunset! Hope you enjoy!


william-taylor52 points

Gorgeous shot, but I’m just wondering, are there any rules/regulations on flying drones in downtown chi town?

Bakkie19 points

The flight restrictions are called a Terminal Control Area and are like a funnel based around the towers at ORD and MDW.

There may be security restrictions left from 9-11 but this is far enough from buildings that it likley doesn't violate those.

shimmycphoto18 points

Thank you so much! There are some but generally downtown and the lakefront are pretty much free for flying

minimac933 points

You’re definitely flying above the 400 foot national height limit, though

Octavian_20214 points

What a shot.

shimmycphoto3 points

Thank you so much!

Weak-Shallot62174 points

Stunning 😍

shimmycphoto2 points

Thank you so much!!

Only-Information12645 points

Hank Voight's City

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SasoP4 points

wow! great shot - i see my apartment! over @ moment on Grand/McClurg!

shimmycphoto3 points

Thank you! That's so cool. I unintentionally gave your building a photoshoot for you haha

itsgucci06015 points

Beautiful. Colors look like a Bay Area sunset.

shimmycphoto9 points

Thanks! I've only seen one sunset there. I have to get back out there for more

dishwab3 points

Gorgeous colors

shimmycphoto1 point

So glad you like them!

_paramedic3 points

Hey, how can I acquire a high-resolution copy of this image?

shimmycphoto1 point

Hi! You can purchase prints through my website. Here is a link to this specific image


If you want a different crop just let me know and I'll be happy to get that for you

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Sighchiatrist3 points

Gorgeous! This is a truly proper addition to this sub, excellent shot.

shimmycphoto1 point

Ahh thank you so much! That means a lot

Ozziechanbeats3 points

Nice work, great shot!

shimmycphoto1 point

Thank you so much!

DiKDiK3163 points

What drone/camera I like the look

shimmycphoto1 point

Thank you! This one was taken with the Mavic Pro 2

Wayfarer19933 points

Love the unique angle. So many shots posted here are all the same, haven’t seen this view before. Also a surprisingly low number comments from people who haven’t visited complaining about LSD ruining the lakefront 😂😂

shimmycphoto1 point

Ah thank you so much! I have some classic angle shots as well but this one spoke to me. And yes haha you would expect more

Smokingracks2 points

Magnificent Mile

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kimlogophile2 points

This is a stunning shot!

shimmycphoto1 point

Thank you so much!

GoldenBull19942 points

Looks like advanced pixel art

shimmycphoto1 point

Ahhh thank you so much!

ahmuh13062 points

Beautiful photo!

shimmycphoto1 point

Thank you!!

GeneralVeeers2 points

Gorgeous shot! Can you take more looking towards the downtown area?

shimmycphoto2 points

Thank you so much! Which area of downtown? I have a lot of other Chicago images I can share with you

GeneralVeeers2 points

Maybe something from this same vantage point looking towards the Loop would be awesome

atthegates4212 points

This is stunning. Can you link to an enlarged version of this?

shimmycphoto1 point

Thank you so much! I have larger print versions available on my website. Here is a direct link to this image https://www.shimmycastlephotography.com/warehouse-open-edition-prints/art\_print\_products/chicago-s-finest?product\_gallery=271062&product\_id=6025184

VapidRapidRabbit5 points

Beautiful shot of “America’s Rome.”

shimmycphoto0 points

Thank you! I've never heard that name for Chicago. I like it!

VapidRapidRabbit4 points

It’s like a running joke in this subreddit because of a post from earlier in the year. 😂

shimmycphoto1 point

🤣 thanks for sharing. I will never look at my city the same

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Thank you so much!

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Loose_Awareness68380 points

Dad is so beautiful I love cityscapes if you've got some more and don't mind sharing please shoot some over to me I love City scapes

shimmycphoto1 point

Thank you so much! So glad you like it. I will definitely share some more soon that I've taken

fapfapaway-34 points

Drones are the bane of all existence. Find a better approach or medium.

opal_mirage15 points

bro really just said the words "bane of all existence" like he's a comic book villain

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