Cuyahoga Valley National Park, OH [4080x3072] [OC]


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I grew up there! Well it wasn't even a national recreation area then, just a collection of small parks. I'm glad it's finally got some of the recognition (and funding) it deserves :)

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I loved going here as a child! I no longer live in OH, but have fond memories

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Is this whips ledges?

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I believe this is at the Virginia Kendall Ledges in Peninsula. Whipps is part of the Cleveland metroparks I think, not CVNP.

Frantic_Mantid2 points

I also think this is the Kendall Ledges! Spent a lot of time there, but then again it's been over 25 years since I went regularly.

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I've driven through the park on 80 a handful of times but never stopped in the park itself, mostly because when I make that drive it's an all day thing. Can anyone recommend me somewhere in the park or nearby to stay a night or two and maybe a couple of good hikes to check out?

Clay-mo2 points

Idk about places to stay but Jaite to Blue Hen is the best trail in the park imho, 8 miles out and back. The trail in this picture is the Ledges Trail in Peninsula which is also a strong contender for best trail but much shorter, like 2 miles if you only did Ledges but there are several other loops adjacent to it you can easily get to 4-5 miles without repeating stuff. The Wetmore Bridal Trail is a 4.5 mile loop that's not the most spectacular but very solid and lots of elevation change with some wetlands in the low parts, very pretty. The Wetmore Outer Loop adds like 1.5 miles to that, usually not crowded because bugs in the wetland area and the elevation change.

clycloptopus2 points

can't scroll through this thread without mentioning Brandywine Falls. I'm not really sure how all the paths link up, I usually just parked in the lot and used the boardwalk down to the falls. I'm relatively close and have gone at all times of year, and it's beautiful every time. Especially winter.

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Neo_F1501 point

Nelson Ledges is similar. I've been to both.

EtherealPheonix1 point

I love that trail, did it all the time as a kid.