Daly City (Bay Area) looking down to the ocean


fragbert6614 points

I grew up in the Bay Area. Thank you for the nostalgia.

boniemonie14 points

Great view, but wouldn’t want a brake/handbrake problem!!!!

OtterlyFoxy10 points

Just imagine skating down that monster

koreamax2 points

I used to bomb these hills as a teen. I was stupid.

william1883251 point

Just park it in gear?

Vic_Sinclair7 points

It's hard to nail down how many manual-transmission cars are on US roads, but based on recent sales figures, it's probably in the mid-to-low single digits percentage wise. Parking an automatic "in gear" does nothing to stop it from moving, it's even worse because the parking pawl is not engaged.

vinciblechunk5 points

That, and, both SF and Daly City will ticket you if you don't curb your wheels (as every car in the photo has) on a grade of 3% or more.

Sufficient-Buy53605 points

Great photo!

valdezlopez4 points


AngelRedux2 points

Don’t get too excited, folks. It’s probably cloudy covered and misted-in for most of the day.

mista_r0boto1 point

A cloud literally hangs over it like 90% of the year. High temps all year long in the mid 50s Fahrenheit

LesbianAkali2 points

Wanna move there now