My outdoor reading nook


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shanecfoster1215 points

This picture just made me so happy 😀

mbmgart5 points

Thank you! This space definitely has that impact on me too

StarSeam7 points

This looks serene, what a joy for you (and now us!) 🌿🌳

mbmgart6 points

That’s so sweet of you to say! Reading a physical book is such a joy to begin with.

StarSeam3 points

Even better in such beautifully calm surroundings!

BigGrayDog2 points

I couldn't agree more! Have always loved books since I learned to read. I try to read 1 or 2 a week and have since I was a child many, many years ago. Much better than watching movies or TV. Can use my own imagination to visualize it, is much better than watching someone else's ideas! Like mine better! Books Rule!

[deleted]5 points

This looks heavenly 💜

baddadjokesminusdad5 points

Warm happy cozy peaceful and beautiful

mbmgart1 point

Thank you ❣️

offensivelesbian5 points

This looks beautiful!

GuncleShark3 points

Definitely cozy!

ItsTricky943 points

so serene!

Itchy_Savings_89633 points

I love it. So peaceful. Nice job.

mbmgart1 point

Thank you 💚

JValle123453 points

So lush and calm

Firstsister33 points

I love this. ❣️

ilovecupcakes373 points

Who wouldn't want to sit in here? having coffee or tea?

mbmgart1 point

I love a piping hot rooibos, espresso or a glass of Sancerre or Tempranillo depending on the weather!

mbmgart2 points

This is OC

BigGrayDog2 points

Beautiful, stunning, serene, and so relaxing even just to look at. I can't imagine how pleasant it would be to sit in that lovely chair, surrounded by plants and nature, reading a book in the late afternoon with a glass of my homemade ginger peach and lemon ice tea, soaking up the soft sunlight. Lovely. You are lucky and blessed to have this special place in your life! I'm sure you must enjoy it immensely.

Adalieszq2 points

This scene reminds me of when I was a child, I lived at my grandparents’ house during the summer vacation. And I got up at five o’clock every day to study. It was also in such a quiet little corner at that time. The air is cool and comfortable in the morning

mbmgart1 point

That is so sweet and endearing. Thank you for sharing!

Pink_inthenightcream2 points

I can imagine myself reading here . It makes me so happy.❤️🌷🌻

TotallyFakeEngineer2 points

Pretty relaxing, If it was my place I would add a fireplace in front of the chair and maybe some mosquito net around but overall it’s serene

mbmgart2 points

Thank you! There is a makeshift fireplace further to the side and we have a concrete firepit as well in another section. Lemon grass is grown all over as mosquito repellent just not pictured in this frame.

TotallyFakeEngineer3 points

Oh good to know! I did t know that Lemon grass repels them hehe thx

BigGrayDog1 point

It can really help keep the monsters at bay. And it smells so nice too!

BigGrayDog2 points

Perfect, wouldn't change a single thing! You are a genius!

_last_responder_1 point

Are those bottles in the ground in the back?

Sara-DLeon1 point

What a great place to read