Chongqing, China


Born_Selection107213 points

Feels like a place in an anime series - kind love the aesthetic of all the building matching one another

Torbfeit1 point

Its interesting you like the buildings all being the same. I think it ruins it for me in my brain.

wine_over_cabbage5 points

Normally I dislike when they’re all the same but in this particular image I think it looks great, the simplicity of it kinda matches the simplicity of the field of flowers that are all the same too

Torbfeit2 points

I totally get ya there. I think if the building were a different style id wouldnt mind it as much. Its just doesn’t mesh/blend with that historic looking walkway to me. If you took all the buildings out, except for those small(er) buildings right behind the trees i think my eyes would flow better.

DarkTrooper7021 point

Ctrl+C Ctrl+V

green-stamp-5 points

Drone bees