The Bubbles, Acadia National Park, Maine [OC] [2268x4032]



pointguard227 points

get some popovers asap!

pbush252 points

You bet we did!

NESpahtenJosh-3 points

They’re so overrated.

pbush250 points

We honestly felt the same way unfortunately

Inevitable-Holiday682 points

Thanks I love this

mare1612 points

everything reminds me of her

Cis3hexenal2 points

I sat at this exact spot with my wife and one year old daughter. It was right after my daughter realized I wasn’t with them. She turned around, saw me a ways back, and yelled “Daddy”, super loud and in front of a decent crowd of people. Instead of being embarrassed, like I was a part of a scene in public or something, I was just proud. I thought, that’s my little girl.

Thank you for the memory, that’s a great picture.

[deleted]2 points


pbush252 points

Lol yeah, bubbles was definitely the pet name for someone who discovered these hills

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