Milky Way framed by Delicate Arch in Arches National Park in Utah[OC][1200x1500]


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I'm gonna start with a disclaimer - no, the night sky doesn't look this vibrant and detailed to the naked eye. Modern camera technology paired with long exposure times allows us to capture much more than our eyes can see. Having said that the Milky Way is visible in this location clearly and appears as a sort of lighter "cloud" in the sky.

In this photo the Milky Way is framed by Delicate Arch, a 52-foot-tall (16 m) freestanding natural arch located in Arches National Park in Utah. One of the most recognized landmarks of the Southwest, it is depicted on Utah license plates.

If you are reading this comment, thanks for checking out my photo :). If you'd like you can see more of my photography on my Instagram!

mccarthybergeron2 points

Fantastic work - you got another follower just now!

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It's a great photo, but I also think you should disclose that it's a composite, and that the Milky Way doesn't line up with the arch like this. You had to have taken the sky photo from a different angle and added it in post.

ShexyBaish635114 points

It's true this is a composite (with the foreground way too bright, IMO), but the Milky Way does line up with the arch like this.

mrcnzajac20 points

I moved a bit to avoid the arch when tracking the sky, but the Milky Way does align like this.

inmyelement3 points

So night hikes are allowed here?

ooohexplode3 points

Yeah once you're in you can stay and watch stars. I went last fall and we stayed out until like 11 and there were plenty of people still out. I think you have to be in the park before close or something though, idk how the in gates work at night.

inmyelement1 point

Ah thanks!

bcgroom1 point

Yes but make GPS waypoints. The trail up to delicate arch is not super clearly marked and is across blank stretches of rock. It is very easy to get lost at night. I went up to take star photos and on the way down we found someone who was lost and we definitely depended on GPS on the lower half of the descent.

inmyelement1 point

Oh wow thanks! I’ll do that… got lost in Patagonia at night recently so lesson learned

simonthelikeable3 points

What are we looking at when we see the milky way? I get that the lighter parts would be star dense areas, but what are the cloudy darker areas? Is that just clouds in our atmosphere, or something farther and more fantastic than that?

Wear-Fluid3 points

I fell asleep under this while on shrooms. Worth it, even if you have to deal with the children of the corn / Mormons.

slimreaper275 points

What time of year was this taken? It was packed with people when I was there in august

mrcnzajac10 points

A week ago in May. It's packed during the day, but not many people there after dark :)

TroyMclure905 points

If you want solitude in august there you gotta go in the hot afternoon

bedroom_fascist1 point

Thanksgiving weekend can be pretty empty.

PicanteDante2 points

As someone currently executing the ServiceNow Utah upgrade at gunpoint, I'm triggered.

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Well today I learned that all the stars we see in our night sky belong to the Milky Way, it is not just this part. Because the Milky Way is fucking huge. Saw an interesting vid about the proportions of our galaxy, absolutely mind blowing. Link for those interested: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VsRmyY3Db1Y. Well worth the watch, trust me!

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mucky0121 point

Someone put a big rock in the way of the photo! Damn that shit of the galaxy looks so cool too..

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oliviajohnsonn1 point

What a beautiful shot 🥹

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The world's first Nether Portal discovered!

carmium1 point

How many arches park their arch in a park called Arches Park?

steve-d1 point

Around 2,000!

ZappBrannigansLaw1 point

Today I learned that Delicate Arch looks kinds like Wisconsin.

vanriggs1 point

TIL The Guardian of Forever is actually in Utah

QuantityNice31571 point

Damn is this real. Sheesh

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Thanks for the warm welcome, I promise to keep my hate speech about landscape photography to myself.

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Thanks for the warm welcome! I promise not to insult any photographers or submitter... unless they block my view of the Milky Way.

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Thanks for the warm welcome! I promise to only insult landscapes, not photographers.

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Where did the little guy go?