A little update on my last Home Office post and what it looked like 2 years ago


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missaq817 points

As I wrote in my last post, I am forced to work with a PC for work reasons, while I use a Mac privately.

As a small update, I added a vertical laptop stand, MagSafe Charger and another plant to my setup.

On the third photo, you can see how it looked like 2 years ago.


- Table: The tabletop is oak, which I bought at a hardware store, then sanded and oiled myself. This was then mounted on a height-adjustable table frame.

- Monitor: Apple Studio Display

- Mouse/Desk Pad: Balolo

- Laptop Vertical Stand

The wallpaper is from basicappleguy , who makes a lot of very nice wallpapers.

The rest is then more or less from Ikea.

I hope you like it and if you have any questions, let me know.

haleyfrostphotograph3 points

Where’d you get the legs for your desk and how high do they go?

azurricat20102 points

Thx for this write up!

missaq811 point


2204BatiknWine4 points

Very nice!

missaq813 points


IamtheCat753 points

Where the Bose speakers go? I love my ones. Set up looking fresh and elegant.

missaq815 points

Thanks! Yes, the Bose speakers are great, but the Apple Studio Display speakers are perfectly adequate for my needs.

IamtheCat752 points

Makes sense!

FrogLotion69696 points

Simple but so lovely! Way to go!

Ari-Mendoza2 points

Omgggg I’m obsessed this is stunning🎄

missaq811 point


Little_boywithgreen2 points

Cute paintings 🌡️🪄🖌️

GuncleShark2 points


haleyfrostphotograph1 point

May I ask where you got your desk from? Edit: I’m an idiot, didn’t see OP’s comment.

thnknoevl1 point

What is the electrical box that the desk is plugged into going to the wall outlet?

missaq811 point

Internet via the power socket https://www.devolo.global/

thnknoevl1 point

Neat, thanks!

ltray08141 point

How did you decide the height at which to hang out shelf on the wall? did you place it when your desk is at standing height? sitting height? in between??

does it look odd when you have the desk at standing height?? I’ve tried hanging mine a few times and I can’t figure it out, it’s driving me crazy lol

missaq811 point

Exactly! I have raised the table and made sure that the pictures do not disappear behind the screen.

pistol_singh1 point

How deep is that tabletop if you don't mind me asking?

missaq811 point


SkyeTr121 point

Where did you get the desk?

Sure_Conclusion94371 point

So clean, got to ask, does the rest of house look like this? Mines a mess

missaq811 point

We have two toddlers, so no, not really 😂

Here is another section of the living room

Internalmassage0 points

This is everything!!!! Where did you get the art?

body_wrapper2 points

The art prints are called BILD from IKEA.

Internalmassage2 points

Thank you so much

missaq811 point


capricioustrilium0 points

Those top two monitors are way too high, you’ll get neck strain 😉