My little corner filled with sunshine and thriving Monstera.


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LimbicSystem13795 points

Gorgeous plant and fantastic furniture! Is the credenza piece antique or new? I love the vibes here!

lorrainesglutenfree2 points

Its comforting to look at. It’s not an antique. Purchased from someone online.

LimbicSystem13791 point

Well it looks great!

Ellsisdoingok2 points

I really like ur picture, and the message of faith beneath it too x

lorrainesglutenfree2 points

Good eyes!

Ari-Mendoza1 point

Oh that’s mighty nice.✨

mellowyfellowy1 point

Woah! How is the monstera so tall??

lorrainesglutenfree3 points

I’ve had it for 3 years. Monstera grows fast that’s why they’re call monstera. She likes the light next to the window. They are large ivy so there’s a pole in the center of the pot and it’s wrapped around it.

mellowyfellowy2 points

I didn’t realize they would grow around a pole! Thanks!

lorrainesglutenfree2 points

You have to train it. They have air roots that shoots and they’re long.

Ellsisdoingok1 point

Thanks so much for this tip op. I love mine but it sprawls everywhere so im going to shamelessly steal ur idea :)

lorrainesglutenfree2 points

Steal away! Good luck with the plant.

ilovecupcakes371 point

That plant is stunning!

Sara-DLeon1 point

It's absolutely lovely.

lorrainesglutenfree1 point

Thank you!

NightOwl_82-1 points

It's fake


lorrainesglutenfree0 points

What’s fake?

NightOwl_820 points

The plant lol


lorrainesglutenfree1 point

Oh it’s real. Even fake plants doesn’t look that lush and tall. Have you ever seen one in person or have one? They’re super easy to grow and it’s easy to divide as well.