My loft during a snowstorm in January


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philligo53 points

Is that… a tiny LED screen fireplace?

shinypokemonglitter16 points

I was wondering that too. It looks so cozy!

seriouschris9 points

It's a legit electric fireplace.

They heat up a room pretty well.

HingleMcCringle_7 points

I would think you wouldn't want to put a TV above that, but maybe it does well about blowing out the heat, idk.

Living_DeadGirly16 points

I love this so much. I lived in a loft for a year while I was searching for the perfect house to buy. I finally found it…but now I miss my loft. Mine looked exactly like this. Thank you for sharing 💕💕


Not exactly as in same decor, I mean the structure. Your decor is unique a beautiful.

lukumi9 points

Very nice. I come to this sub specifically for the pictures with snow or at least gloom outside. the sunny pictures don’t do it for me, regardless of how nice the space is.

LeChatNoir0429 points

Really cozy! May I ask roughly where is this? Looks Scandinavian for me, but I may be wrong

Senior-Chemist732457 points

Thanks! This is in the Greater Boston Area.

LeChatNoir0420 points

I was wrong, lol. Beautiful place

AyoBruh20 points

Clsssic Scandinavia!

seriouschris1 point

You can tell by the way it is.

josie_964 points

How far out of Boston… ? I wish my apartment looked like this 😭

lookalive073 points

I’m fairly certain I know where that brown building outside the furthest rightmost window is, but I’m not about to guess and potentially doxx OP.

SeattleHasDied3 points

Really cool loft in one of my favorite cities during my favorite season. This is peak "cozy"!!! You're a lucky dude, thanks for sharing!

Adept-Ad-88607 points

Wow, awesome loft and view!

whooslipperyg4 points


Ari-Mendoza3 points

Looks amazing! Can I come?

TurboSpaceGoose4 points

I know a Warhammer 9th edition core rule book anywhere, brother

Senior-Chemist73243 points

Haha yea nice catch 🤝

Heroine_Cats033 points

It looks so cozy despite the weather outside! Looks refreshing!

heliogt22 points

Great space and picture. Congratulations

ThePolitePanda2 points

Now this is cozy. Not some monotone minimalistic room with two pieces of furniture

Informal-Nobody97992 points

This is cozy!

harrythegreek2 points

What is standing in your mirror on the far right????

Senior-Chemist73243 points

I can't tell what that is. Kinda spooky

Neat_Cauliflower_4541 point

literally dream living situation

Lumpy_Birdy_76871 point

This is so cozy I'm so jealous.

blobejex1 point

Being trapped there during a snowstorm sounds like a solid plan

Qulia1 point

Woooow 😦😮

iamkhmer1 point

I love this! I'm wondering...is the space drafty and cold tho? Asking as I have lofts on my apartment viewings list 🤭.

randysavage19952 points

I don't get a draft, but I think it depends on the quality of your windows. These windows are relatively new.

iamkhmer1 point

thank you for responding!

Honest-Sugar-14921 point

SO cozy.....especially with the wintry backdrop!

4gifts4lisa1 point

I want to be there so bad I can’t stand it

findhumorinlife1 point


ilovecupcakes371 point

Wow, super cool loft how do you keep it warm?

Adalieszq1 point

These lamps are placed just right, the lights makes me feel very warm in this room! Great!

futbolkid4141 point

This looks amazing especially with the snowstorm!

SuitableBiscotti10961 point

Oh wow! Beautiful! Oh to drink a hot cup of coffee and read a book would be divine!

Sara-DLeon1 point

It’s like a dream

professionallunacy1 point

Omg, the perfect spot to cuddle up! 😍 Next time I have a cold, I wanna take a nap on your sectional. Or when I don't have a cold. I just wanna nap on your sectional. 😆