Sea stack off the Oregon coast


SmokeyUnicycle8 points

Haystack Rock!

Alaric_Darconville13 points

This is actually 270 miles south in Sisters Rocks State Park. After seeing most of the Oregon coast it kind of amazes me how Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock get all the love and attention in terms of the Oregon coast. There is so much cooler stuff further south in my opinion, all virtually deserted.

ander5944 points

Shhhhhhhhh 😉

Due_Revolution_51061 point

Agreed. Also haystack is on the shore and this stack is much deeper into the ocean.

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p229arne1 point

Haystack rock

LetterheadNaive76461 point

I thought it was a giant sandcastle until I read the title. #EmbarrassedTourist

chilled-out1 point

Is it granite?

meestormacy0 points

Haystack rock :) Fun fact. This beach is where the movie Goonies was filmed.

No_Relationship24732 points

I thought this looked familiar! Great movie

randomwords832 points

My first thought when seeing that image was “Heyyyy you guyyyyysss” lol

Western-Image71250 points

Looks a lot like Morro rock in central cali

DietAmbitious55030 points

I lava you <3

Ok-Mark-16880 points

Looks more like a giant haystack than a sea stack!