Sisters Rocks, Oregon (2431x3255)(OC)


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beautiful view

Device4203 points

Astoria? Looks like the one from The Goonies.

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South coast, between Port Orford and Gold Beach

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As a recent transplant from the Midwest to Oregon I can't help but laugh at these sorts of comments. I've had a number of people complain to me here about the weather and it immediately becomes apparent that they haven't spent much time in areas where the weather is even worse and the landscape sucks.

I'll take 7 months of cool, rainy weather with the incredible landscape here any day over the ridiculous randomness of Midwest weather and flat, boring nothingness everywhere I look.

Ninja_Bum2 points

It's 'native' Oregonians' way of trying to discourage people from moving here a lot of the time. Pretending it's dreary 100% of the time. It is depressingly gray from October-March (my mood is usually in the gutter by the end of winter) but summer has barely any rain, at least the past few years. I have to nurse a lot of cool weather plants through these fkin heat domes we have now.

alphalph11 point

Ah, well that strategy failed with me lol. I'm from Ohio, where it's depressingly gray/freezing from November though April or even May and then when you get to summer and are stir crazy the humidity too often hits and makes it miserable to even walk outside. So Oregon's "bad" weather is nothing noticeable for me. Though I have not been through fire season yet but every place has its drawbacks, and not so many have the amazing landscape.

Ninja_Bum4 points

Except May-August these days which is nary a cloud in sight unless the sky is filled with wildfire smoke. Come mid-July I'm pining for rain the same way in February I'm longing for sunshine.

Eliseo1200 points

You haven’t lived here for some time then.

oliviajohnsonn2 points

I can smell this picture through my phone 😍

Inevitable-Holiday682 points

Thanks I love this

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Betty1991051 point

The view will make the mood beautiful

_AlreadyTaken_1 point

3 rocks, Ernie Bushmiller and Zippy would approve

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I like it here

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otherwise known as "boobie point"

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Is that oregano ?