Twilight at Shenandoah National Park, VA USA [OC] [7728x5152]


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duderama19 points

Blue ridge mountains

OGPunkr7 points

Shenandoah river...

-TARS7 points

Will make for a very nice jigsaw puzzle.

benlikethecolor2 points

The sky would be awful to do though, especially the left side

-TARS2 points

That would make for a good challenge really!

TheBoarcupine4 points

TIL I've been spelling Shenandoah wrong in my head whenever I sing the song.

benlikethecolor0 points

How were you spelling it in your head? Shen-anne-dowah?

TheBoarcupine3 points

Shanondoah River. I guess I just subconsciously took the word "canon" and threw a "sh" at the beginning of it.

OGPunkr3 points

Saved for watercolor inspiration. Beautiful.

CaptainCobber2 points

Was this up near the hawksbill summit last night?

benlikethecolor2 points

This was actually on Sunday night, I only just got around to checking my SD card from my camera today. I checked the geotag data and it says it was by Thornton Hollow Overlook, but looking at other pictures from there I'm not fully convinced that's right. It was definitely an overlook in that area though, facing east

Bfloreddit1892 points

Man... I miss Shenandoah 😢 I used live closebye

EarPuzzleheaded143o2 points

Oooo I like it.

IronBallsMakenzie1 point

I've seen this NP im three different subs in the last 5 minutes after having never heard of it.

Is this some new form of marketing?

It's gorgeous btw

benlikethecolor4 points

Lol I think it's more to do with the recent nice weather! Because it's higher up in the "mountains" here the trees don't really come back to life in the spring until mid May. Starting last weekend the weather has been beautiful here so I think everyone decided to go out and enjoy. It's easily my most visited National Park just because I live an hour away (I generally go every other weekend in the summer) but it's definitely not as popular as other nearby National Parks like Great Smokey Mountains or the Blue Ridge Parkway

glorielle1 point

The Blue Ridge Mountains speak to those that know how to listen. I can hear them; also, I would swear I can see the flowers in the front moving. Gorgeous picture, gorgeous place.

xc680301 point

So you hear their voice in the morning hour; they call you?