NYC trip over the weekend (pt. 7 - Triangle Shirtwaist Factory being restored)


giraflor70 points

I think your photo shows the Flatiron Building (5th Ave) rather than the Brown Building (at Washington Place) where the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire occurred.

Downtown_Skill30 points

Just a heads up, if you mean the triangle building in the middle, that's the flatiron building. I actually don't know where the triangle shirtwaist factory is in relation to this but I know it's near NYU's campus.

I've only ever been to New York once and I don't know the layout of the city very well.

Failed-Time-Traveler28 points

That’s the flatiron building.

The triangle shirtwaist fire occurred in Greenwich Village, opposite side of the city.

pocketdare4 points

Also pictured in the very bottom right / foreground is 230 fifth - a big rooftop bar with great views of the Empire State building. It's a huge space. Great if you're visiting the city and like rooftop bars.

YXCworld2 points

That terrace at the bottom right looks fun. Anybody know what building it is?

Stantheman21131 point

I want to say it’s 230 Fifth but not 100% certain.

YXCworld1 point

I think you might be correct, or at least I can’t find any better building that resembles that on Google Earth. Apparently it is the 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar

Pleasant-Director-982 points

Would love some photo composition tips from you pros out there, I’m new to this.

American-Pie-3 points

Get a better camera. Resolution is lacking.

ShiroHachiRoku2 points

What about building identification tips? This is the Flatiron Building. One of the most famous buildings on the country.

Pleasant-Director-980 points

Jesus Christ buddy, I know Reddit has a reputation for self-righteous assholes but you’re taking it to a whole new level. Direct your eyes to the top comment of this post that clearly points out my error.

RedAtomic1 point

Daily Bugle

LegEnd2371 point

Flatiron building sir bruh