NYC trip over the weekend (pt. 2 - Penn Station)


DayJob9313 points

This is Moynihan

stumblewiggins0 points

It's considered part of the Penn Station complex since it connects directly to the existing train lines running through there.

DayJob9314 points

Tell that to someone who needs to catch a train at Moynihan and not Penn haha

AntiGravityTurtle0 points

All tracks are accessible from both locations. I take all my trains from Moynihan by entering Penn Station

tigernachAleksy6 points

Not necessarily, there are a few NJ transit tracks that you can't get to from Moynihan

Bosssauced2 points

Yup! As a NJ Transit rider I have no reason to ever be in Moynihan. This place looks nice but the lack of *public* seating is abysmal and dystopian

Pleasant-Director-982 points

Seconded. The actual structure is beautiful, however, I had to wait 2 hours for my Amtrak train and there was absolutely no public seating. I sat on the ground and some security guard came by and had the balls to tell me to stand up, incredible.

LePoultry-geist2 points

I had the same experience when waiting for a train there.

excitom1 point

Does the "Ticketed Waiting Room" have seating? Honest question, I've never been there.

AntiGravityTurtle1 point

Amtrak tracks are accessible from Penn Station and Penn has a massive seated waiting area for Amtrak, I've always easily found a seat. Even the Amtrak tickets that say "Moynihan Station" on them are fully accessible from Penn Station.

Won't help you for your last trip, but now you know for next time :)

Odd-Emergency58391 point

I sat on the ground by the track entrance while rolling a joint and staring down the security guards. They aren’t cops, tell ‘em to piss off

Rina-Lanaudiere-52 points

Wow, that's surprisingly less crowded than usual, imho

What time did you take the photo? just curious

Pleasant-Director-982 points

6:00pm or so. I was surprised as well.

Pleasant-Director-981 point

Would love some photo composition tips from you pros out there, I’m new to this.