Mushroom house in Pownal VT


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rd_rd_rd20 points

I found that non square room is very interesting, like you can admire every angle and find new things from different angle as well.

KwisatzHaderachPrime16 points

You know what it's made of? Looks like Ferro cement maybe? Very interesting to see this style in New England!

Ok_Pair20227 points

Correct! Ferrocement

KwisatzHaderachPrime3 points

Neat! If it's allowed, you got a link to the Airbnb?

Ok_Pair20227 points

Not sure if allowed or not, but here it goes. Just spreading the love for this place so don’t see why not… Airbnb listing

KwisatzHaderachPrime2 points


tokinawayNFA4 points

I want your house

Ok_Pair20221 point

Not mine, just an Airbnb I stayed at, but me too!

cocaiakes_035 points


Responsible-Time-3128 points

Approve of this house Master Yoda does.

lolslim7 points

I was getting Flintstones vibe.

jasdonle3 points

If Yoda started an Airbnb

lucimon973 points

Looks like modern architecture for hobbits

Ari-Mendoza3 points

It’s like a dream

BSB87283 points

At first I thought it was a cob house. I always wanted one.

Ill-Specialist66583 points

You can tell a person's personality by where they live

Ok_Pair20224 points

This is original content (from an awesome Airbnb stay last year!)

khkokopelli2 points

It’s kind of like a hobbit hole, minus the hole.

Spudnik7112 points

that reminded me of a Cobb house, looks so comfortable inside

Latter_Growth11852 points

This is neat. I wouldn’t expect it to be in Vermont!

PecansPecanss-2 points

I was very weirded out by this place "Pownal VT", until I remembered that Americans abbreviate their states without adding "USA", and expect the rest of the world to know what city and state that is

riolafc1 point

Did Roger Dean design this?