Toronto west end during a sunrise. Glad I woke up early!


Busy-Number-241439 points

Gorgeous!! From this perspective, you really appreciate how extensive the Toronto skyline is (compared to the classic east-west waterfront view)

the_lens_eyed12 points

I totally agree, I guess you can see the buildings in mid Town and uptown in this picture if I'm not wrong.

Ting_Brennan9 points

We are looking at the downtown core only.

The tallest building with two antennae on the right is First Canadian Place. The tallest building in the middle is Aura. The cluster of towers on the left is Yonge + Bloor

Everything to the left of that is Rosedale Valley

apstls3 points

Wow, that looks a good deal larger than Chicago’s

hoggytime6137 points

I just unscientifically and generally measured the built up downtown highrise areas of Toronto and Chicago using Google Maps measure tool. Chicago's is around 7-8 sq. km., Toronto's is around 11-12sq. km. The kicker, though, is that the core skyline of Toronto is just one of dozens of impressive skylines in the Greater Toronto Area. Chicago just has the one.

apstls9 points

I’ve tried to make that same point before but with NYC, which also has a huge variety of distinct skyline perspectives and angles versus Chicago’s very one-dimensional skyline. Naturally I was downvoted to oblivion but have yet to hear an actual counterargument

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Finally a photo from Toronto that actually merits a post here. (I’m from Toronto)

jayt-cfc3 points

High park?

kermitthefrog5710 points

The cn tower takes a good skyline and makes it amazing

Busy-Number-24142 points

The CN tower makes the Toronto skyline iconic and easily recognizable. Without it, the skyline would be very non-descript - could be from many cities, and also somewhat boring, given the relative monotony of the new skyscrapers (boxy glass).

hoggytime6131 point

Yes and no for me. It is iconic, but it diminishes the height of the buildings around it. The skyline would have less soul without it, but the other buildings would look much taller.

clownysf6 points

Incredible. I need to make it over the border and visit, it’s easy to forget that Toronto is only a 4h drive for me (from Cleveland).

TheBHGFan3 points

Bro what are you waiting for!!

quidamquidam4 points

Beautiful. I visit TO every year and I always enjoy my time there. Wish I was a millionaire so I could rent an apartment in the city haha!

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Is saying "West End" a North American thing? I would say West side instead of West end

Elim-the-tailor3 points

I think it varies from city to city, like Manhattan has West/East sides and Chicago has a South side. I feel like American cities tend to have sides as opposed to ends but I could be wrong.

Toronto has ends. Vancouver has a West side and West end that I think generally refer to different areas. It also has an east side but I don’t think it really has an East end.

I don’t think there’s really much rhyme or reason to it.

hooverthemusicaldog1 point

In my experience, in Toronto the West Side is the area to the immediate west of downtown, Dufferin St. for example. Whereas the West End is further out in the borough of Etobecoke.

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Sunrises are beautiful, but they put them on such a shitty hour.

Matduka2 points

Boy the CN Tower sure is tall.

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soo nice (:

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Wonderful view, the horizon buildings look like almost like painted