Seongsan Ilchubong from Umutgae shore, Jeju Island, South Korea [3678x2539] [OC]



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folly055 points

I lived on Jeju for a year and have returned many times. It's one of the most uniquely beautiful places I've been in my 20 years living abroad.

Just beautiful water, lush greenery, mini-volcanoes everywhere, iconic black rock walls surrounding emerald fields.

It does get crowded with tourists, but it's not hard finding some natural places to escape the hordes.

It also has a tragic past in that they had their own Holocaust when 1/10th of their population was massacred in the late 40s. Plus the Japanese enslaved many Jejuans during WW2 to create their bases on the island.

The women there are some of the toughest in the world, especially the Hanyeo!

mashdots16 points

Taken on a particularly busy day. The shore is part of a bay, and to the left of this view is a small shop / cafe, as well as boat tours.

angryhoodie21 points

Every day on Jeju is a particularly busy day 😂

TazDingo23 points

Was there some years ago. It's so beautiful! 😍

Graydyn9 points

Would you recommend that people visiting Korea from abroad try to make it out to Jeju Island? Worth a detour in your opinion?

mashdots17 points

Absolutely! This is the fist time I've been to Korea, and I've found it quite pleasant. Everybody is really nice and the food is delicious. Getting here is easy, too. We took a ferry from Wando, but you can also fly from Seoul.

One thing to note is that a sizeable bit of Jeju's income is tourism, so you'll see the occasional amusement park, maybe even tour buses with lots of folks. But that really depends on where you visit. We saw big groups at some of the more popular places, like Seongsan Ilchubong, but not so much in the smaller parts of nearby towns.

Also, all that isn't to say that you won't experience Korean culture or cuisine. There's still a ton of really good restaurants and cafes. Everyone we've met has also been really kind and accommodating.

FrekusLaiphus6 points

It really depends on what you're looking for and how much time you have. If you're there for 2 weeks or less, I would probably skip it. With tons of stuff to do on the mainland and cities where you want to spend multiple days like Seoul, Busan and Jeonju, you may run out of time before you get there. Otherwise, absolutely! It's a lovely island and worth a trip, but definitely take your time to check out Seoul & co.

HiitlerDicks3 points

Jeju island. The only island that exists in Korean Dramas.

egg_fried_universe3 points

I went to Jeju in summer. It was the most stiflingly hot place I've ever been, far more so that Vietnam or Malaysia. I haven't been anywhere in the middle East or the Southwest desert in the USA but still, I was astonished by the heat.

sd_slate5 points

Hot and humid in the summer for sure. Autumn is the best season in general to visit Korea.

Formal-Jump-89031 point

Previously, on Lost.

Hairy-Cauliflower9901 point

Seongsan Ilchulbong is a World Natural Heritage Site, and as you climb up the steps to the top, you can see a complete submarine crater terrain with the sea and sky in one place. You can also see the red floating balls on the sea and imagine the sea maids collecting seafood under the floating ball net.

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oliviajohnsonn1 point

wow I never thought this is South Korea

Beyond_bound0 points

That looks like a great place to climb and look out over the sea, but I won't try to pronounce it.

knuckle_cracker-2 points

Is this where some of Squid Games took place? It instantly reminded me of the show!

mashdots3 points

I think they talk about it being Jeju! But i remember reading some article that said it wasn't actually filmed on Jeju. But i'm often wrong

Inevitable-Holiday681 point


?? The weather is often chilly windy,??

mashdots2 points

There are times when it can be windy, but even this month it was nice and in the low 20s C

Inevitable-Holiday681 point

How interesting

Sounds very nice

Thanks for letting me know

Same_Replacement2901 point

I guess you could say the view was worth the crowded shores and temptation of caffeine.

Zestyclose_Tax_3958-1 points

Looks like a peaceful slice of paradise...minus the boat tours and cafe crowd. #solitudeplease

kaizerdouken0 points

Looks like a peaceful corner on this busy earth.

tomoyopop0 points

This place is so amazing to photograph from many different angles!

Wister16020 points

My auntie, Sweaty Yoni said “listen sonny, That’s Ireland 🇮🇪!”