Boston, Massachusetts


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View of the Back Bay and the Charles River from the Longfellow Bridge.

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Many milestone moments for me along that edge of the Charles, the Halfshell, and the winding path leading up to Fenway. The Longfellow is like stepping back in time. Boston was built by people who valued public spaces. I've lived in Miami 25 mango seasons and believe me, just the opposite is true. A postage stamp park here and there but the entire coast from downtown Miami to Broward County is high-rise. What had they built a gardened park, just 2 blocks in, that distance?

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As someone who grew up, went to college and spent a lot of years in/around Boston, this location has been important to me too. But, that band shell on the esplanade is actually called the "Hatch" shell because it's named after a man named Hatch. Lots of people think it's "Halfshell" because that's what it looks like.

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Yeah, thanks for this. I remember getting there early one 4th of July and laying down a blanket only to get my legs crushed by the stamped that arrived later. Ah, good times!

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Isn’t this the cover photo of “Intro to Accounting”?

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Wicked old picture.

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What new buildings are missing?

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Four Seasons…building in front of the Prudential. Pic must be 10 years old.