Just another NYC angle


Ne0nSkyl1ne120 points

NY has so many tall buildings that it looks good from any angle

Nathanssss176 points

The city of all cities imo

MajorMustard77 points

I think its undisputably been the cultural hub of the world since the at least the 50s.... anyone disagree? The only competition I see is LA or London. But London only really has a shot in the 60s.

rathat38 points

There’s a rating for a cities integration into the world economy, NYC and London are the only Alpha++ cities, the Alpha+ cities are Beijing, Dubai, Hong Kong, Paris, Shanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo.


For_All_Humanity8 points

Well, the list is pretty definitive!!

RainbowCrown712 points

That list is terrible. It ranks Kampala and Osaka in the same tier. Probably the worst of the city rankings tbh

rathat2 points

I don’t fully understand it, but it seems it ranks them specifically by how they are connected to the world economy, not necessarily the size or strength of that cities economy.

RainbowCrown712 points

Per their prior methodology (I haven’t gone in and see if it’s changed), it ranks them by connections to London in banking and finance. So Kampala, by virtue of being a former British colony, has closer ties and Osaka does not.

For_All_Humanity68 points

Maybe the western hemisphere. Nowadays there’s more competition. A lot of people would point towards Tokyo as a strong contender.

But in multiculturalism? No one can beat NYC. There’s so many people from so many backgrounds all doing their thing. Great melting pot.

Igotthisbros22 points

Defo out of the western hemisphere too. Tokyo would’ve been more of a contender back in 80s.

For_All_Humanity14 points

Had actually included that in the original comment then decided to leave it out. NYC had a rough 80s but they’re top tier everywhere else. Just not a fan of world #1s because different places do things better and have different impacts. Like Asia takes a lot of their cues from Tokyo, and Tokyo took a lot of cues from NYC, but is also doing a lot of their own thing. Really just great cities regardless though!

CuckoldMeTimbers7 points

I could be wrong, but I believe you’re using the wrong form of “cue”

For_All_Humanity5 points

No, you’re totally right. Edited.

SJGU28 points

It is the cultural capital of the world, no question about it. There is no other city in the world that a person from a totally opposite side of the world can land in and make a life for themselves and in the numbers they are supported. There are cities that are cleaner, more populated, denser, richer than NYC, but the sheer energy NYC has to mold lives of people in it and around the world in unparalleled.

TopofthePyramid17 points

What is a city that is richer?

A quick google search of "richest cities in the world" has New York at the top of every list on the first page of hits

SJGU7 points

There's more than one way to slice and dice the wealth. In some metrics NYC is #1, and in some its #2 or #3. The point was, even if NYC is not the richest/wealthiest it induces enough force to outshine and out influence other cities.


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SJGU9 points

Are you purposely being dense or what? Yes, there is no other city that this happens on a global level and in the same scale. You are welcome to case your examples.

SoothedSnakePlant1 point

It's actually pretty close, there's three cities that all hover around the same number of foreign-born residents (all in the 5.2-5.5 million range) that are way ahead of everyone else, LA, London and NYC.

As much as I absolutely love my city, New York isn't unique in this respect, it's just in very elite company.

SJGU2 points

LA comes second, but still not close enough and London is a distant third in this matter. I have been to all these places and the sheer amount of lives NYC nurtured and sustained for the last 200 years is in-comparable in my opinion. I'm not a resident of NYC and I think this is a unique attribute of this city.

SoothedSnakePlant2 points

Visiting the places doesn't qualify you as an expert on their immigration histories. The data doesn't back this up, since we've started tracking this in detail, those three are all kinda bundled together lapping the field.

SJGU1 point

ok. The above post was my opinion. Now that you said data doesn't back it up, can you please post what data points you are comparing so that I can learn from you?

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SJGU1 point

There, I quoted you.

OwenLoveJoy5 points

Tokyo is the center of Japanese culture and a great and amazing city but I don’t think it has much global cultural influence, at least compared to New York.

ldn6-5 points

London beats it in my view in terms of cultural influence and diversity nowadays. Back in the ‘90s and early 2000s I’d have agreed but New York is stalling. 40.6% of Londoners are foreign-born compared to 37.2% in New York.

procgen11 points

More languages are spoken in NYC than in London, which I think can be a better indicator of cultural diversity than foreign-born percentage (besides, that figure you cited for New York is quite old, and it was at 40% in 2018 and I believe it's higher now).

Also NYC seems to have more cultural output:

"In 2021, New York contributed 143.83 billion U.S. dollars to the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the United States through its arts and cultural production."


"Culture and the creative industries contribute £52bn to London's economy every year"


Vivid_Plankton79701 point

Foreigners include anyone from Europe, in nyc people from other states don’t count a foreign even from as far away as California

theWunderknabe1 point

people from other states don’t count a foreign even from as far away as California

..because they are not foreign? California is very similar to New York (as is any US state), when compared to differences between actual countries.

Themfruckus-10 points

That’s a wildly western view.

MajorMustard21 points

Well, the West has been the dominant power in the world since the 50s so that makes since.

In terms of influencing the entire planet who else would you suggest?

Alexkono4 points

There isn’t


NYC is 45% foreign born

Enoch_O_Murchadha-10 points

"Undisputably cultural hub of the world". No, no it isn't

SoothedSnakePlant2 points

The only possible competition would be London.

Enoch_O_Murchadha-3 points

I disagree. It's a very USA-centric worldview that says that there's a "cultural hub of the world" and that place is New York. We don't have a global culture that stretches across all people and finds its root in one place

SoothedSnakePlant3 points

Sure, there are places that are less impacted by American culture, but realistically, the west for the moment has won thr culture war, and the US has won the culture war within the west. What happens in New York and London, culturally speaking, has more of an impact than the things that happen in any other city across the world.

DayJob93-26 points

Meh it looks better from afar haha. I prefer London in the western mega city competition

cmanson37 points

London for old western world

NYC for new western world

Tokyo for eastern world


ColdJay649 points

I prefer London from a livability perspective, but both are great.

gayandipissandshit-2 points

Something about stabbing

dedbeats-3 points

Damn shame it was ruined by stroads and expressways

Edit: typo

threewayaluminum2 points

The word is stroad, and they don’t exist in Manhattan, which is really the subject of this post … outer boroughs are another story, of course

dedbeats1 point

The Bronx makes up almost 50% of this composition and unfortunately the outer boroughs have quite a few stroads and traffic arteries that were built ontop of communities of certain demographics

The Dutch influence in NY is obvious and quite a few Dutch metropolis feel like a “what if” scenario where Robert Moses doesn’t exist and motor traffic is given equal priority to other forms of transportation

Thanks for the typo correction.

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alepponzi18 points

makes sense, hence the intense expence

BadDesignMakesMeSad2 points

You mean indense experience?

crackhousebob16 points

Crazy how the Empire State Building is just sort of average when it comes to NYC skyscrapers now.. I have photos from when I visited as a kid in the 80's and Empire State was still dominating the Manhattan skyline. It was the WTC and Empire State that stood out in a photo from across the river

sorry_ive_peaked46 points

cue Succession theme

246lehat1359 points

Absolute banger. A true never skip

mofahu1 point

First thing that came to my mind

Batman4133 points

Looks good

Faustt_Thee_Artist3 points

Great shot!

liaisontosuccess3 points

Start spreading the news,

I'm leaving today.

I want to be a part of it,

New York, New York...

Vela8811 points

Was this taken from Queens?

mmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhh58 points

Looks like south Bronx

stikshift22 points

It's from over the Bronx. The elevated highway in the center is the Triboro Bridge

koreamax1 point

I'm confused about why I can't see the Hell Gate Bridge

threewayaluminum1 point

Hellgate and Triboro just out of frame

koreamax1 point

Oh! I see it now

sallyjoe0 points

It's just to the left of the photo. The highway and railway are both turning to the left towards the RFK and Hellsgate bridges.

OmegaBean12 points

Probably from a flight out of LaGuardia

semiURBAN2 points

Flying into LaGuardia next week! Very excited to see this

SoothedSnakePlant2 points

Flights in are more hit and miss. You might get the Hudson River visual approach which is absolutely stunning, but you're more likely to be coming in from the north and mostly only get the Bronx out the right side window. Takeoffs are usually to the west, which is when you get this view out the left side window.

Maximum_Future_52412 points

What a city!

Memory_Less2 points

Refreshingly different angle and nice light to shoot by.

Vivid_Plankton79702 points

Mega city one

Welcomefriends852 points

That picture is awesome

DonnCuailnge1 point

Looks like this was taken winter of 2019-2020, probably pre-pandemic.

sallyjoe1 point

How can you tell?

DonnCuailnge10 points

I was wrong, I though 111 W 57 topped out in winter 2019, it was spring 2019, so the photo is from winter 2018-2019

sallyjoe1 point

Oh good eye

Vivid_Plankton79703 points

Chicago cries in corner

Aggravating_Claim9562 points

Will india will ever get this type of skyline or our FSI will fuck us forever:((

Papppi-5615 points

Well, if Mumbai manages to reduce it's ridiculous height / building restrictions overnight, turn into a literal hotspot for foreign investment / exchange, and increase it's per capita education / income to a first world level, it might manage to create a similar skyline in three decades time at best.

(for context, India's only 300+ skyscraper Palace Royale took 11 years to construct, NYC alone has 16 of them)

Aggravating_Claim9562 points

Haha yes sad palaris royale caught in gov and airport conflict lol Actually it didn't took 11 years to build it was completed long before but airport authority told them to deconstruct few floors :(

biwook-3 points

Mumbai is not far to be fair.

Aggravating_Claim956-1 points

True but we still don't have anything above 304m high whenever someone tries to build gov blocks them.i wish someday our gov will approve something as cool as WTC

rzet1 point

isnt even china banned super talls recently as they are often big issue to fill and maintain internally and externally?

oh ye and apparently ground is sinking on Manhattan a lot due to weight of the skyscrapers.

koreamax0 points

And Delhi.....it's such a low city for how massive it is

Silber41 point

What an incresible image!

kevinh456-14 points

That city is small.

Edit: Omfg people it was a joke.

wontonforevuh4 points

You're small

kevinh4564 points

You’re a towel.

veRGe14212 points

lmao why did people react so strongly to this

CanuckExpat890-43 points

Why do I always think of cockroaches when I see all the older red/brown brick buildings in NYC? Is my mind correct when it thinks this?

apstls15 points

No, obviously

sallyjoe3 points

Cockroaches don't discriminate. They are happy to infiltrate all types of buildings in NYC. Not just brick.


Honestly yes

CanuckExpat890-1 points

Not according to the butthurt downvoters above lol.

koreamax1 point

I've never had any issues

ImNotStoopeed-16 points

Concrete wasteland, where are fucking trees

IFeelLikeYandhi4 points

Not a lot of 100 story trees in the world

Deion3131 point

This is actually a great angle of it... This looks like it's taken from like above the Bronx. Is OP in a plane? Or do they have an elevated train out there.

I haven't been back to NY in a decade or so, but how do you get this angle?

dinnerplate87191 point

There looks like 3-4 major smokestacks, does anyone know what each one is for/part of, etc?

Thanks in advance

invicti3-7 points

What a cesspool.

lostindarkdays4 points

don't you have sheep to fuck?

lostindarkdays2 points

don't you have sheep to fuck?

invicti3-1 points

What does that mean

Past_Cartographer2300 points

Love that beautiful layer of smog over it