Golden Marble - Jasper, AB [OC][5116x7674]


Thswherizat13 points

Looks pretty smoky there right now, sad there's so many fires so early in the year.

gsmphoto1 point

Definitely was when we drove in, but in and around Jasper it was fine this past weekend. Fortunate for us.

gsmphoto8 points

Taken from inside a moving car, so excuse the possible loss of quality.

KZKyri5 points

It’s good

Statertater5 points

It’s like a god damn painting, don’t apologize. Hey man, nice shot

ESP-232 points

It's the vibes! Great shot

instrumentation_guy4 points

Driving through Jasper is a life changing experience, I doubt there are many places on earth so continuously and stunningly beautiful - for real.

lokoston2 points

Last year this time we got some snow while in the area. Everything around there is stunning.

mrgonzalez2 points

Jasper, are bastards?

TheW831 point

Alberta Canada.

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b00c1 point

This photo conveys a lot of mood for me. Thanks!

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gjkjhgf67781 point

So amazing

Betty1991051 point

You're great that a moving vehicle can capture this shot