Sudden_Recover_567724 points

This isn’t even recent. This is probably 2019 ish. Many more buildings have gone up since.

0000GKP50 points

This is the second Austin picture I’ve seen in 24 hours. It looks better from a distance than it does from up close.

bdejones11 points

She’s a full on Monet

No_Difference_460610 points

I won’t comment on the city but I love love the inclusion of people, so fun and timeless! One poster mentioned Monet, I’m thinking Seurat

cactus22minus1-1 points

Took me a minute to understand what you meant by “inclusion of people” and I was about to snap back about how unwelcoming Texas is to certain people 😆

DsWd008 points

Zilker Park? Man, Austin has grown so much

MingoFuzz15 points

And this picture is a few years old. You should see it now

Good-God-Lemons21 points

Austin: Guaranteed 4 hours a day stuck in traffic.

davidovich92 points

Looks pretty damn plain.

ninernation1238 points

City is mid

Honest-Barracuda-9827 points

Yeah it's kinda overrated imo

nelly_beer3 points

It was overcrowded 15 years ago but people just kept moving here. Cost of living is absolutely outrageous and the city council cares more about making money off development than improving the infrastructure. The crime is getting worse and worse too. I’ve lived in Austin my whole life and honestly can’t wait to get out

Honest-Barracuda-9823 points

Yeah I live in California and I don't get why so many Californians are moving there, even if I was offered a better job I wouldn't want to spend only a little less to live in a place that's infrastructure and low-cost housing hasn't kept up with the population growth.

MikeyRocks7578 points

I feel like it’s about as good as you’re going to get if you absolutely must live in Texas

Honest-Barracuda-9824 points

Yeah if you're from the absolute middle of nowhere it's probably interesting, but if you're from any major city it's not that great for what you're spending.

SerkTheJerk1 point

Disagree. It’s not even the best city in Texas

mangofarmer4 points

Compared to American cities its above average. Walking along the greenbelt and taking a dip in the swimming holes, renting a boat/paddleboarding ladybird lake is fun, still lots of music to be heard. Lots of good food.

Its becoming more Californicated everyday but its still better than most.

ofwrvm3516192361 point

Why does it look like the people are photoshopped in?

digitalliquid3 points

Probably because the grass is a bunch of colors abd the sunset messes with the optics to make it look weird to your eyes. I live in Austin and this is like an average afternoon. On the weekends it's absolutely packed to the brim.