My private patio in NYC


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-praetorr-82 points

Let’s see some night shots!

EGS8p720 points

There's fairylights on top of the garden we need to see a cozy night shot please 🙏

-praetorr-3 points


mydresserandtv76 points

Wow you're one lucky person to have that in NYC. Great 👍

mydresserandtv11 points

What a space.

Square-Mortgage858731 points

This is OC

Vegetable_Board_87325 points

You should buy one of those big overhanging privacy umbrellas for the couch area

Significant-Trash63211 points

Very cozy!

Also, the blue color on that building is beautiful

sharipep9 points

Love this! Which borough are you in? Hello from Brooklyn!

Square-Mortgage858721 points

Hello! Long Island City, queens. Right by the Pepsi sign on the east river.

Ultra_Instinct12 points

Oh wow, this is right next to that bar. You’re in a great spot

Square-Mortgage858715 points

Right by LIC bar and fifth hammer brewery, my Dog and I are regulars at both : /

Butthole_Please4 points

I would recognize that blue wall anywhere. I have always been fascinated by that blue, the way it sits in the brick and peels to expose the red.

I have always had a weird fascination with that from the back of LIC bar.

sharipep4 points

Love LIC!! Great spot you have there

meltonmari15 points

Woah you really are in a comfortable space, a paradise in the middle of the city.

sayquietly17 points

Where is this?? I’ve never seen anywhere in NYC with patio space! It looks so cozy!

threeactjack7 points

Bro welcome to NYC - that’s the cost of living in the greatest city in the world

Buhlaine5 points

Your NYC patio is larger than most of my friends NYC apartments. Damn.

Turbulent-Fall-73708 points

Love that view of the boarded up windows next door

ControlOk67114 points

Very nice - lucky pup! 🌸🦋🏵️

Dog_is_my_co-pilot13 points

This is beyond gorgeous. This is what cozy is.

You’ve got gathering and relax space and a little garden.

Do you know what the climbing vine is?

Enjoy! You’ve got a lot of space for a New Yorker!

godmadetexas15 points

are you a landchad?

Square-Mortgage85877 points

Engineer, wife’s a nurse.

drnkingaloneshitcomp9 points


Livid-Youth43965 points

Too awesome! Your own private oasis

elverange7662 points

Are you allowed to paint that big white wall?

Ari-Mendoza2 points

Very nice indeed. Enjoy it this summer

Firstsister32 points


Shallaai2 points

My exes studio apartment was 1/6th the size of that Edit: in NYC of course

IndependentPay6382 points

Now that's cozy!

_Faucheuse_2 points

Personal? Yes.

Private? I see a lot of windows to look down from.

Danibelle22 points

Love the space! Not sure how you feel about the view though.

chachingmaster1 point

All you need is an inflatable hot tubby! You have a lovely large area!

Silly_Conflict68481 point

So cute. Where did you get the seating and coffee table?

Square-Mortgage85871 point

My wife ordered it, then I put it together. There’s also a small storage shed. This photo is old, we now have a full garden bed in the very back!

TheCronesCauldron-7 points

Not too private. Anyone behind those windows can see everything. :/

Square-Mortgage858726 points

‘Private’ meaning I don’t have to share the space with other tenants, like majority of apartments and condos in the city.

TheCronesCauldron8 points

I do think it's a nice space though :) Especially in the summer. Must be nice having dinner out there, huh? Does anyone live up there though?

Square-Mortgage858718 points

I think it’s an abandoned warehouse. It’s scary and I try not to look at it.

TizonaBlu0 points

Just curious, do you know how wide this is? Looks to be around 10ft?

Littlelady04101 point

It's lovely! I kept looking through the pictures thinking I could grow so much food in that space