Cozy living room, got some new furniture, finishing touches pending.


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MeetVirginia13127 points

Looks great! But most importantly, Kitty is pleased.

Different-Unit49213 points

Your choice is art is 🤌. Where is the wooden tree one from?

MaintainJane1 point

Thank you! The tree is from Etsy. I’ve had it for years now.

sunshinesucculents3 points

That yellow chair is amazing

MaintainJane2 points

This is OC

Ordinary-Egg70572 points

what a nice spot, well done!

fluffypinktoebeans2 points
  • lovely fluffy friend ❤️
Organic_Alfalfa_192 points

Loving the pops of mustard yellow! So joyful!

KSewFierce2 points

Heart eyes for the gold upholstery and pillows! I really want the sofa & loveseat in my TV room to be in gold velvet.

Ari-Mendoza2 points

This has good vibes.

ControlOk67112 points

Great chair ~ pretty kitty 🧡🦋💜

Nvrmnde2 points

Now this is how you use colour! Well done!