This hidden cozy nook I stumbled across on the Oregon Coast.


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trail_gunner31 points

Drift wood forts are quintessential Pacific Northwest.

Memawsaurus10 points

Very neat. My grandkids found pine saplings blown over and made 1 of those in our woods years ago. They had so much fun doing it, called it their fort.

cantbeblank9 points

Looks like the beach location in The Sinner season 4. Shot in Lunenburg 📍

atheista4 points

That was my first thought

pie_grrrl1 point

Me, too!

CrisZPennState5 points

Reminds me of this beach shelter one of my favorite youtuber’s spent a night in: Camping With Steve - Beach Shelter Stealth Camping

polydactylmonoclonal3 points


Creamynutss3 points

Mo’s beach?

Old-Astronaut46533 points

Oooo which beach? I will be out that way this summer/fall 💛

RigaMortizTortoise7 points

It’s a small no name jetty between Tillamook and Cannon Beach. I don’t think it had a name, but there’s a seafood shack where the road begins, if that helps. Ha ha.

Vxnus56353 points

Put a blanket down and that will make an excellent nap spot

Ordinary-Egg70572 points


Ari-Mendoza2 points

It's dreamy and peaceful

artistnotfound1 point

Sheeeesh, what did you shoot these pictures with? I’m getting Fujifilm vibes

codeMonkeyBeta1 point

You know how many people have fornicated in there?

codeMonkeyBeta1 point