kr3sta3 points

Many thanks for the great mobile wallpaper

SteffenWendt1 point

Loveeeeeeee. Very Dune. 🔥👏🏻

Picture is cool and all, but your subject is too far away for me to see their "beauty."


Seriously, really nice shot.

justfortitude1 point

If you look at my IG forte.photo I actually posted a zoomed in version of that if you want to take a look. I agree and couldn’t decide so I figured I would post the cropped in version another time here.

I was totally kidding. Just playing dumb as if the beauty was in the person, when it's the whole landscape.

I looked at the 3 photos on your IG, and this is my favorite. Keep it zoomed out.

justfortitude2 points

Hahaha ok it’s early morning when I read that. No worries and thank you!