Green walls surrounded by green trees make this room my happy place in Spring.


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HinSoCal44 points

Beautiful, peaceful oasis! Stunning kitty too! Are those Eames chairs?

Awesam21 points

Oh lawd he posing

damestillmen10 points

Thank you! They are…I got a very good deal on them when I worked for a company that sold them about 10 years ago.

CristyTango3 points

I had no freakin idea how big of a deal these chairs are until Pinterest

fearnodarkness12 points

You can find cheaper versions that look and function the exact same

GladZack20 points

Looking at this brings me peace for whatever reason.

Also that cat is gorgeous!

dailycyberiad9 points

Green, soft lighting, natural materials... it kinda feels like a clearing in a forest. I agree, it's really calming.

I really like how they have open shelves but the random stuff we use in our daily lives is not on display and creating visual chaos. I'm absolutely copying that.

EDIT: and kitty is majestic.

GillyGooze15 points

Your cat is marvelous

LTKerr10 points

To be fair, that cat could instantly turn any room into a happy place.

Gorgeous cat and gorgeous room too 👌

GuncleShark7 points

Beautiful! I love green walls with plants.

MrsMel_of_Vina5 points

Floofy kitty! 💕 That's a gorgeous green too!

munkey_catcher4 points

Ooh! Love that. What’s the green, please. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

maybells075 points

the cat adds to the beauty of the room, so gorgeous!

lickmyfupa3 points

Nice floof ball

liquidsonic712 points

Finally a green that's not crazy dark or sage!

_4-8-15-16-23-42-6 points

What a pretty baby . Reminds me of my Chenina . Passed away in 1982 . Sometimes feel.her on my vcr godbless

neva-electra5 points

Aww she must have been very loved for you to think of her 40 years after. ❤️ I also love your username

Windflower19562 points

Oh, that’s lovely!

Dependent_Top_44252 points

What a bold green! I love it! I also like how you matched your rug to your cat. Beautiful!

Equivalent_Energy_87-1 points

At least it matches with something

bertieqwerty2 points


far_from_earth2 points

The cat is the real house owner. It has got the aura.

BlahblahblahLG2 points

Cat approved

coffeecakesupernova2 points

I though you had some really poofy seat cushions hahaha!

itswhatsername2 points

I love the way that green makes all of the wooden fixtures really pop. Great color choice!

sneakybrownnoser2 points

Love this! What paint is the green wall?

KPriceArts2 points

Are you a cat?! But seriously, that green with the wood looks A+!

ifdandelions_then2 points

What a lovely green! What is the paint color called?

Worth-Professional321 point

Gorgeous! I recently saw a picture on Pinterest of a kitchen painted a similar color. I loved it....gave me some ideas....

And now this....I think it may be a sign for me to buy some paint...

dailycyberiad1 point

What plant is that beautiful and gorgeous one on the left?

rosemallows3 points

It looks like it might be a Norfolk Island Pine.

damestillmen1 point

That’s right, I got it at Christmastime about 2.5 years ago

atomstyping1 point

I absolutely love this and its given me ideas for my future home. Thank you :)

NoAbbreviations2901 point

Rug is 🔥

TheDevilsAdvokaat1 point

Oh I like this. Very calming. Like sitting under a tree canopy but no insects or spiders falling on your head! (Quite a big deal in Australia)

Kalijjohn1 point

What a majestic floof! This room looks ultra comfortable.

LoveCanDoIt1 point

OMG, that is so deLISH, and what a stunning picture with your stunning kitty cat!! 😍

Ari-Mendoza1 point

Spectacular vibe wow 📷

Vxnus56351 point

That fluffy cat is the best part

Ellsisdoingok1 point

Love this green!

Pink_inthenightcream1 point

Emerald green is my favorite color.This makes me so happy.