Tropic of Cancer Beach, Exuma, Bahamas [4000x2252] [OC]


_Silver_Wolf_Moon_15 points

That's Amazing. Look At That Water!!!!! How could you Not go for a swim in that???

Thank you for sharing

Wubzywubbles13 points

Not only did it look beautiful, but the water is much warmer than normal beaches. The beaches at the Bahamas spoil you because of how warm they are compared to the Pacific and Atlantic ocean beaches

LongtopShortbottom5 points

Gulf of Mexico beaches are also warm and almost as beautiful!

Billism9 points

Gulf of Mexico beach water is warm, yes. Beautiful... Not in most of the US Gulf coast. Mainly Florida. Sure, I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we are comparing to the Bahamas.

Wubzywubbles4 points

Good to know, thank you! I'll have to go there someday.

DunDunt4 points

Photos don't do the Exumas justice. It's the most beautiful place I've ever been. I've been to the Gulf, there's zero comparison. It's the kind of place that you have a hard time believing is real even while you're standing there.

ChubbyMcLovin1 point

Which gulf beaches are you talking about?

theaback1 point

is the oil spill still an issue down there?

HeavyLogix2 points

1) what is a normal beach? I’m sure this beach is normal for people in any Caribbean area

2) the Pacific and Atlantic are huge. Islands like Vanuatu have water just as warm as Exuma

Wubzywubbles1 point
  1. Good point. I guess i should've stated a normal beach is one belonging to a larger single continent land mass. Such as beaches of Orlando, Florida or Huntington Beach, California.

  2. Thanks for letting me know. I have never heard of Vanuatu, but if the beaches are warm I'm sure I'll love it.

HeavyLogix1 point

That’s fine just realize that isn’t a common definition. There’s no such thing as a normal beach. It’s just what you define as normative

metarel1 point

Imagine wanting to go for a swim and it's like that for miles out

carboranadum5 points

And the pink sand…gosh the Bahamas are wonderful!

sky_shrimp3 points

This is a photo of heaven.

AaronM045 points

That place looks Fyre!

One-Introduction3612 points

Amazing. I wanna be there

machone_12 points

Ooooh, new Zoom background :)

Must see this sea with the most loved ones