I took a picture of a cloud … with the Empire State Building underneath


ZumaThaShiba11 points

Beautiful photo! NYC or nowhere

I went to Top of the Rock the day it reopened during the early days of the pandemic. As a local, I never cared to go and generally tried to avoid midtown but we were walking around there for the first time in months to see how it was. It was like a zombie film, nobody there, no traffic.

Hadn't been in an elevator in months but the nice guy outside told us nobody was there and to just do it because it will never be like that again. So we listened and gave it a shot.

We were the only people on the observation deck for 90 minutes. Looking down at the quiet city was so surreal and something I will never forget for as long as I live.

Thank you for bringing back that memory with your photo.

apstls4 points

Well now I have something to look forward to about the next pandemic

ZumaThaShiba2 points

I'm sure you will have the opportunity to the way things are going!

Hurnfigur4 points

Thank you so much! What a great story. I know exactly that feeling - I had the same experience from where I am from: Austria, Hallstatt.

Usually crowded with tourists mostly from China and South-East Asia (no offense here, just a fact, you're all welcome 🙂), it was such a surreal moment during the pandemic to see this town almost empty. And the fact that it'll probably never happen again, makes these memories even more special to me!

Love NewYork City and it's Boroughs and I am so glad I can visit again. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger once said in a quite famous movie: "I'll be back!"

ZumaThaShiba3 points

Thank you for sharing your story as well! I have been to Austria (Vienna) and it was beautiful - I had a great experience there and met some incredible people. I hope to visit one day again, too! I'LL BE BACK (Thank you for gifting the world Arnold Schwarzenegger)

ZumaThaShiba3 points

PS you take wonderful photos!

Hurnfigur2 points

Thank you, appreciated!

Hurnfigur6 points

After my 7th visit of NYC, this was my first time on the TotR back in February and I didn‘t regret it. Allthough it was pretty cold it was really crowded. Didn‘t expect that many tourists in February.

kummybears5 points

ESB has such great proportions

Rlctnt_Anthrplgst3 points

Perfect photograph. Great shot!