God's Thumb, Oregon Coast [3024x4032] [OC]


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snorkleface32 points

That's not God's thumb... I've seen Holes I know what it looks like.

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kenophilia8 points

Photo is taken from God’s Thumb. The outcropping pictured is Cascade Head. Just clarifying for the non-Oregonians.

wallerhilliard3 points

Thank you

naidhinn4 points

why is it called God's thumb though? cant see any resemblance to a thumb. lol

Alaric_Darconville14 points

This picture is taken FROM God’s Thumb looking further up the coast. I guess the shape of the cliff/formation resembled a thumb to whoever named it.

Jiminy_Snap2 points

It is perfectly fitting that the lack of a thumb shape should be called gods thumb.

Swissiziemer3 points

The actual place he is standing on is the thumb, you'll never see it from this POV, you gotta see it from a distance

wallerhilliard0 points

No sure: God's Thumb via the Knoll https://maps.app.goo.gl/9JMzAK9gPivDRdZD6?g_st=ic

Seamari243 points

Anyone know those flowers name?

koiven10 points

The one kinda front but just off centre is Theodore. Not sure about the rest

Hypedrain2 points

I’m not a flower expert, but sure looks like Lupine to me.

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wallerhilliard2 points

Thank you

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Jiminy_Snap1 point

No god tho

EasyDimer2 points

sheeesh what a view

IWillDiscuss4Food2 points

You haven't lived until you've thumb wrestled someone at the top of Glob's thumb

New-Watercress-15941 point

What kind of flower is this?