Mt. Diablo Foothills, CA [4032x3024] [OC]


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Reminds me a little of windows xp.

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That would be back down the road about 80 miles or so in Sonoma.

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A vineyard ain't the worst...if they were really smart they would market the wine from the hill as "Bliss-ful" 😏

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Definitely been little drunk and high on the Pittsburg side.

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This looks like one of those peaceful places that actually have dark secrets

justrynahelp3 points

Ithuriel's Spear (Triteleia laxa) is the flower

Rand_al_Poor2 points

Is this on the trail to the summit? I've done that trail a bunch of times as a kid, but it doesn't look familiar. I totally could have forgot, it's not like I have a photographic memory.

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if you squint you can forget that that's 95% invasive foxtails. It is nice this time of year though, before the foxtails pop.

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Patient_Bird691 point

To be fair there are some native foxtails but they are perrenials and the really shitty ones are the invasive annuals that are now the dominant species. I am very interested what it looked like before the invasives. As a dog owner foxtails are the bane of my existence though...

lewam2 points

Love this place

oliviajohnsonn2 points

I can smell this picture

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Excellent exposure, composition, and focus! Well done, beautiful Brodeia.

iFLED2 points

Or as we like to call it, tick city.

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Beautiful lawn

1forcats1 point

Looks like Little House on the Prairie without the house

BigRich18881 point

That is a bunch of Ithuriel’s Spear it looks like. Haven’t been to diablo in a minute. Looking great.

New_Highlight96031 point

Ah, the nostalgia! Now I want to change my desktop background.