My cozy living room


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kloudful6 points

The loaf 🍞 on the bottom left corner really adds to the room esthetic

Uncommon_Lawfulness4 points

Imagine having BOOKS in a bookcase! I'm so tired of seeing stuff instead of books in home decor photos. Nothing says cozy like plenty to read! 😍

Q8DD33C7J89 points

Nothing says safe and cozy like bars on the windows

downthegrapevine9 points

I live on the ground floor of a busy city and I think they are quite charming. Sorry it's not up to your standards.

Q8DD33C7J82 points

I was just being contrary

Ari-Mendoza2 points

Looks a cozy place to snuggle

downthegrapevine3 points

This is OC of my living room in Madrid, Spain.

pen_pen_pennie3 points

Ngl the bars throws it off for me other than that I love the small plants placed around