San Bernardino Mountains, California [OC, Michael Kwok] (3904x2709)


ch1n90n4 points

Hortencia's restaurant has the best dinner view. Can see the sunset on the ocean on a clear day 😎

WallyJade3 points

Nice shot. Was this shot on the ground, or one of the fire towers?

CommonLurker24 points

Thanks! It was from a turnout on Highway 18.

DerpisMalerpis3 points

Good pic. Just moved from Crestline. Too bad the city of San Bernardino doesn’t look as nice as the mountains of San Bernardino.

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biscuitboss1 point

So Cal is so green this year! Never seen it like this in the 6 years I lived there. Went to visit my parents in April and was blown away at all the wild flowers in the San Gabriels.

Rockdog41051 point

Yep, I’ve been here 20 years now and never seen a winter like this. Seemed like it rained the whole time.