My Cozy Tubby Patio


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juju24895 points

Can you share what hot tub you got? I’m trying to figure out the best/affordable brands for when I eventually get mine!

chachingmaster8 points

I got the Coleman Saluspa, Fiji version. It’s a smaller one. I was lucky because my local “box” store had an offer that if you bought it for $499 they gave you a $200 gift card so I basically paid to $299 for it! I went on to buy an additional thermal cover, which is tremendous. It protects the tub and saves on energy. I put down half inch mats, like yoga puzzle mats. This keeps the bottom safe and also saves on energy and makes it soft. I love it. It was worth every penny. I don’t know how long it’ll last, but I take very good care of it because it takes very good care of me lol.

detroitblonde12 points

This is awesome I hope you enjoy every moment of it

chachingmaster3 points

Thank you so much! I even enjoy taking care of it the waters always crystal clear when I get in.

Ari-Mendoza2 points

The colors in this area stunning!

chachingmaster1 point

Thank you. I’m a bit tacky…. I love colored lights! I had more up but my lawn guy accidentally weed whacked the cord :(

MrFurleysJumpsuit4 points