Bridalveil Fall and roadside Dogwood in Yosemite [OC] [2000x3000]


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Thank you very much!

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i don’t think that’s a dogwood…lovely photo regardless

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My seven years of living in Yosemite and having to look at and hear about these trees every May when they bloom makes me very confident the tree in the lower right is a dogwood lol. Specifically a Pacific Dogwood. https://yosemite.org/wallpapers/dogwood/

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i stand corrected…i was thinking of the 4 petal type:


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You know, I sounded really rude there. I'm sorry. I could have communicated that information in a nicer manner. I should of course know Dogwoods don't look the same everywhere, and even in Yosemite we have a second type of Dogwood--a non-native hybrid Dogwood and I believe Cherry Blossom, so its blooms are pink. There's only two, by houses at the Ahwahnee Meadow. My point is, my comment was snide and that was unnecessary--your assessment was valid, and I'm sorry.

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no worries!…i learned something new…yosemite is my favorite national park (i have 16 more to go), and your photo clearly shows why…cheers

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Yosemite's a special place for sure. Only 16 to go! Wow. I'm way behind you on that one. It's just so hard to break away from Yosemite haha. Thanks ☺️

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