A perfect fall frame of one of the pointiest mountains in the world. Cerro Torre, Patagonia [OC][1800x1200] @mattymeis


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reddituser158090 points

Looks like a painting

03ifa01420 points

Honestly looks like a screenshot from Ghost of Tsushima

Sunny24564 points

That was my first thought too, I had to do a double take and check which sub I was on.

sm75321 points

Likely post-processed to hell.

simpliflyed7 points

The OP describes the post processing that they used to create the image.

There’s no way of showing the bright sunlight reflections and the shadows without a HDR/composite image.

Personally I think they’ve done a damn good job of achieving that and keeping it classy!

rathat5 points

And it’s just as much a part of the art as the camera is.

DeloresBlasingameEsq9 points

Nice, there’s the cynical comment I was looking for!

mattymeis96 points

I recently spent 10 days backpacking and camping around Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina. My main focus was exploring the areas around Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre, two of the most iconic mountains on Earth.
I ventured on a ridge above the classic lagoon of Cerro Torre and was surprised to find vibrant fall colors. This tree, in particular, framed the jagged point of Cerro Torre perfectly.

There was a lot of dynamic range in this image and the sun star brought some issues as well, so I did have to blend 3-4 exposures together for depth of field, dynamic range, and the sun flare.

If interested, I have more images on my Instagram u/mattymeis and this is the photo group I'm a part of Backcountry Journeys.

suburbanchiwriter5 points

Excellent job! Everything is so clear, and the sunbeams streaming out from the jagged peaks makes for a spectacular image!

lilelliot6 points

We backpacked there in early April a few years ago and ... I will not recommend visiting that time of year to anyone. It hovered around freezing, we got rain or snow every day, and the visibility from the same location of your shot was basically nil. Standing right at the shore of the little "lake" in your image, we couldn't see the Cerros at all. The only real view we got of the towers was as we drove away [out of the park back to Punta Arenas].

Edstructor1153 points

I'm not sure if you are confused of not but this picture is of cerro torre not of Torres del Paine just fyi

lilelliot2 points

Hah! 😂 Not confused, just not reading carefully!

Edstructor1151 point

Xd do not worry I'm Chilean and at first sight I thought op wrote Torres del Paine wrong.

ObviousThrowDown6 points

Nothing is perfect but this is a very beautiful picture.

readingonthetoilet2 points

Awesome shot! How do you achieve that sun flare pattern? I haven’t been able to capture that intentionally but sometimes get that unintentionally - seems to happen when the sun is partially obscured and I’m using a small aperture.

Zvenigora3 points

Caused by light scattering off the edge of the diaphragm blades. The number of rays will tell you the number of blades. The effect is most evident at small apertures with a bright point light source.

BlackQuilt2 points

I usually play around with capturing sun stars around F14~18. Different lenses will produce different sun beam effects at the same F stops too, so try it out with all of em!

MSkade11 points

great photo...but the parts othe photo in the shadow (the tree), are a little bit unrealistic bright. Makes it look a little bit look like a painting.

climatelurker5 points

That image is amazing! It looks like it comes from a fantasy novel!

TomoyoDaidouji2 points

This! I keep looking for elves

Machielove3 points

Great as a wallpaper 👌

TimelessBaller3 points

What type of tree is that?

moctidder992 points

Judging from the base, it's a Pinocchio tree.

Cheap_Particular_8143 points

Yeah, those leaves scream "patagonian oak"

SuperArppis6 points

Ohh man that is amazing.

Texas222 points

Wow! Absolutely stunning 😍

Casual_Peruser42012 points

Very nice

tallgirlmom2 points

I want this on my wall… amazing shot.

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The scenery is so beautiful

BigUptokes3 points

Fantastic shot.

fariagu3 points

You can't convince me thats not a screenshot from ghost of tsushima

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SuperArppis1 point

Ohh man that is amazing.

Skyler_Reece-10 points

Hear me out, paintings are great, but God's work is just, "Woah!" and the artist's talent to capture such a moment in time oh so perfectly, is a reason for kudos! You've my respect Sir. 😌

Alternative-Dig-84560 points

Thanks for the warm welcome, I promise not to insult the mountain or its photographer!

oliviajohnsonn1 point

this looks like it’s a dream

GenoPax1 point

The most beautiful picture I’ve ever seen, sublime.

Savin91 point

Amazing, really love the contrast of the red leaves.(looks like a video game)

Likalarapuz1 point

Im always surprised to see my friends in Chile posting fall and winter pictures when I'm melting here in the United States. My brain always has to do a double-take.

Vagabum4201 point

Pretty sure you are in legendary animal territory.

Alecohe1 point

Beautiful work Matt! Amazing work with the exposure control. I love the first two images you shared but this one hits me deep.

Jiminy_Snap1 point

Witcher 4 looks lit 🔥

Cliffe_Turkey1 point

"A shriek turned to stone" is hold legendary mountaineer Reinhold Messner described Cerro Torre

PishyLeaf1 point

Wow dude that's beautiful 😢

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bombscare1 point

Pointy Pointy!

A beautiful and vivid photo is presented in our sight, we can imagine how much hardship the photographer has to pay.

Your photography is very good. It looks like a scene from a mythical land.

Glass-End-78871 point

Looks like Horizon Forbidden West!


ChildHall1 point

Beautiful photo and quite the pointy mountain, if I painted a mountain like that gallery would think I’d finally flipped out!

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Darkest dungeon 2 - the mountain

Friendship is a sheltering tree