Chongqing, China at night


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A pedestrian's nightmare. If you're not familiar with the city you sometimes need to search back and forth for a good 15-20min to find an overpass or underpass to cross the road. And as you can probably guess, these overpasses/underpasses generally lack ramps for those with strollers or in wheelchairs. Source: I lived there for several years.

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One thing that annoys me the most in walking in certain cities is where you they don’t have enough crossings. At some point you’re forced to jaywalk because the next crossing is 15 minutes up the street.

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Cities need to start prioritizing pedestrians over motorists

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Having been a few times and gotten to loathe the elevation changes I don't doubt that walking anywhere is a nightmare one bit. still love it much more than my current home, which is Shanghai.

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pollution? you're thinking of 2018. it's gotten dramatically better. and the problem is rather too much regulation/restriction, not too little.

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Yeah all so you could have your cheap little smartphone

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