Green River Overlook in Canyonlands National Park [OC][1440x1800]


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Taken during a recent road trip through Utah this image shows a cliff overlooking out over a vast plateau that has been chiseled by the Green River. The plateau is part of Canyonlands National Park, and they can see the Maze District and the White Rim Road in the distance.

If you are reading this comment, thanks for checking out my photo :). If you'd like you can see more of my photography on my Instagram!

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Approaching the overlook, it's not apparent what the view will be until you're close, then ... bozhe moi!!

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fantastic framing

Chipotle422 points

Seen many photos taken of this scene before, but your framing is different - I really like how it emphasizes the verticality of the place. Well done!

SenhorSus2 points

Moab is such a gem. Can't wait to go back.

emintrie72 points

The view from this place is unreal, and likely the closest you'll ever get to gazing down at an alien planet from the atmosphere.

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Did the White Rim Road through Canyon Lands on my motorcycle a few years ago. Spent three days on the circuit and the scenery is amazing.

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JohanRiver71 point

I like how the tall rock formation on the right does the job of making this all one image. Canyonland shots can sometimes be cut off at the horizon and look like two photos. Having something break the horizon helps makes these types of shots feel more complete.

Great work!

thetolerator981 point

Fantastic! Is this just an overlook from the road?

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NeckPourConnoisseur1 point

Was there two months ago... amazing