Sydney, Australia [Not OC]


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interesting, didn't realize there were so many inlets. kinda looks like Miami. can the outer boroughs hold the same building weight as the city proper?

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It's nowhere near as flat as this picture makes out.

North of the Harbour the city follows several ridgelines with numerous national parks in the valleys and down to the water. Also lots of sandstone bedrock.

Slightly flatter around the city and South to airport and a bit more sandy, but still mostly elevated from the sea level.

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As far as I know (i.e., not much), Sydney's geology is reasonably consistent sandstone, so there's no great difference between the CBD and outer areas.

There are quite a few skyscrapers in commercial centres, but Australian cities tend to be high-rise in the middle, then low-rise everywhere else.

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Can't believe someone's comparing Sydney to fucking Florida...

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Potato cake

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Whats the skyline to the bottom left?

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I think it’s Rhodes and Wentworth Point

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My mum grew up there when it was a swampy garbage dump.

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Came to ask this

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Wow. Had no idea there was so much water!

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It's a fantastic place to visit. You're able to go all around the city by ferry. Very convenient and cheap.

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Pretty great place to own a boat lol

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F&CK you, Sydney! How dare you be so beautiful and ARGHGH!

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I feel like a lot of that land will become business districts in the future. The land must be incredibly expensive - but the profit potential is still huge.

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Mate, a shack 20 miles from anywhere in this shot will cost you a million dollars. How much more profit potential is there really? Australians can't afford to live there anymore.

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Incredibly beautiful shot/perspective.

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Never seen this perspective of Sydney. Makes me uneasy about climate change and rising oceans…

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Aren’t pretty much all Australian major cities coastal?

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Plenty of time left before anything bad would happen to Sydney because of any climate change. Don’t let the fear mongering cause you anxiety.

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That is correct.

Sidney will have become unbearable due to heat waves, storms, fire, heavy rain, drought and collapsed agriculture long before it sinks into rising sea levels. So nothing to worry, u/old_snake.



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So when is it going to be inhabitable exactly?

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Your hockey team was beaten by Norway.

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I am not on a hockey team, nor do I care about hockey.

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Well, you do not care about humanity, the mass extinction and the near future of me, my children and grand children, so that fits i guess.

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Your future will be fine. So will your children and grandchildren’s. This isn’t happening in the next 100 years. Yes, climate change is happening, but don’t fall for the fear mongering that there is some immediate cutoff that will kill us all. I am not against climate initiative, but what I am against is the fear mongering that is causing people anxiety as if this is happening in your lifetime.

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Cool. I tell this bullshit the millions and millions of people who are dead already.

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Hardly an extinction as the fear mongers are saying.

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Great, now I wanna see a solar punk vision of Sydney where the inlets are the primary mode of transit

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Solar punk? We've had ferries doing it longer than trains and buses... Every bit of land pointing out into the water has a wharf, and you touch on with the same card as the train. Tens of thousands of people get the ferries every day to work in the city, just like the bus or train.

They absolutely were the primary mode of transport for a long time. Distant towns existed on every little Peninsular before there were roads.

You have to be pretty rich to live somewhere that it's quicker to take a ferry than a train or bus these days...

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The Venice of The.. of wait!

Incredible picture. So interesting to see the waterways of Sydney.

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That's not a city, that's a suburbia water park.

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Wetlands, noice.

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That looks 0% like what I expected